March 8th. Thanks to all the women by our side

We celebrate International Women's Day through a direct testimony of some of their personal and professional stories.

Make it equal

We want to highlight the female talents of our company with the claim #makeitequal that further strengthens our orientation towards a corporate culture based on the enhancement of diversity and equal opportunities.


Brand Manager at airports, shopping centres & cities and new projects, Autogrill Italy

Alice Revello

"I like to think that it's not always about doing big things or making grand gestures: it’s already a huge step forward if we go back to smaller day-to-day habits."

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Shift manager, Düsseldorf Airport

Kaoutar Sandforth

"We need to keep up the work to make it the 8th March every day."

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Finance Manager, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Amy Heong

"Don't ever forget that we are loved and appreciated. Happy Women’s Day!"

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Operations & Business Development Manager, Nuova Sidap

Cristina Gambirasio

"8th March is a day to celebrate all of the achievements made by women over the years. These conquests should be celebrated every day through small daily gestures."

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Finance Manager, Bali, Indonesia

Tati Niarti

"The International Women’s Day is a reminder for women to support each other."

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Service Manager, Duomo Shop Milan

Marinela Stefani

"These achievements have given me the opportunity to be a free woman with a wonderful family and a job that I love."

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Vice President HR, International, The Netherlands

Kimberly DeMello

"I don’t think I would have the courage to push outside my comfort zone if these women hadn’t come before me."

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Multi-service Operator, Bistrot Stazione Milano Centrale 

Ursula Prela

"In past decades, many women fought so hard for rights that we young people sometimes take for granted."

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Hospitality Manager Café Coco, Schiphol, The Netherlands

Stephanie Versteeg

"I hope that one day there will be a world where we treat everyone equally. Whether you are male or female, whatever your religion or race is."

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Company Secretary, India Middle East Region, India

Jaya Sachwani

"We should recognize the significance of women in our lives and on society and be inspired by them for greater future achievements."

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Starbucks Store Manager, Istanbul, Turkey

Cigdem Baymaz

"March 8th is a very special day where women all over the world express their desire to live a more peaceful, happier and more valuable life."

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