Autogrill joins Bimbi in ufficio

On the afternoon of 17 May, the Group opened its doors to the children of over 350 employees at its Milan office.


Autogrill Group has joined Bimbi in ufficio, an initiative promoted by Corriere della Sera and supported by the Ministry of Equal Opportunities. The Group opened up its Milan offices, for a whole afternoon, to the kids of over 350 employees so they could see where their parents work.

The initiative also involved the kids in educational games fostering socialization and understanding of what a healthy and balanced diet means. All this took place in the Spazio Fucina, the gastronomic innovation lab where Autogrill’s chefs and nutritionists develop its food offering.

Bimbi in ufficio is designed to enable employees’ children to discover their parents’ workplaces and see how they spend their time when they’re “out”. The idea originated at RCS Corriere della Sera over 20 years ago.


Bimbi in ufficio according to Autogrill: more focus on the work-life balance

For this year’s Bimbi in Ufficio, the 25th since the project was launched, Autogrill Group decided to hold its event on the afternoon of 17 May. The kids took part in recreational workshops organized for different age brackets (from the baby corner and face-painting for the smaller kids to the junior corner for the bigger ones, with Subbuteo, table tennis and target shooting) with qualified staff supervising all the activities.

It is vitally important for the Group to enable its employees to strike a balance between their work and their private life. Autogrill in fact has a Child Care service in place to look after kids aged 3 to 12 when schools close in summer. The service operates from 8 am to 7 pm.

Autogrill has for years engaged in welfare initiatives in support of its employees’ wellbeing. The Group has invested in welfare activities and instruments focusing on certain areas deemed priority and in line with the following criteria:

  • personalization of services: people are at the centre;
  • provision of support at the right time: where there’s most need, there’s most welfare;
  • increasing employee satisfaction and supporting diversity.

Autogrill employees enjoy benefits ranging from wellbeing to leisure, home/work transport, foodservice, family services and healthcare. View all the welfare initiatives here.

Spazio Fucina

At the heart of Autogrill’s headquarters, there’s a special place where things are created, experimented, discussed: Spazio Fucina, a facility dedicated to culinary innovation, a theatre for meetings, contamination and research, an incubator of ideas.

Find out more here.