A successful model

Autogrill manages its food and beverage business mainly through concession contracts.

Main selection criteria
  • Quality of the project
  • Economic-financial sustainability
  • Brand portfolio
  • Design and layout
  • Know-how and track record
  • Financial commitments take on

Auction mechanism

Generally the concessions are awarded through competitive auctions in which the parameters for assessing the proposal vary in relation to the business channel, the type of offer and the country involved.

Mid/long-term view

The beneficial aspect of the concession system is that it allows operators to plan their business over a mid to long term time horizon.

The length of contracts is usually set in relation to the level of investment required and varies on the basis of the type of offer.


Generally, motorway refreshment services require a higher level of investment since motorway concessions have an average length from 10 to 25 years while airport concessions, on average, run from 5 to 10 years.

Modello di successo

In recent decades, we have managed to:

  • gain international and multichannel experience
  • manage a broad and diversified portfolio of contracts
  • build a balanced portfolio in terms of concession expiries
  • enhance the ability to form partnerships with landlords
  • propose, in each location, a successful commercial offer both for customers and for landlords
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