A strategy to the future

We pursue a sustainable development strategy oriented to the long-term view, based on the needs of our stakeholders and the opportunities of the global market

We base our growth strategy on three key priorities:

Offer renewal

What food trends are taking place in the world?

Throughout the world there is a growing interest towards "healthy" food. Aspects such as food quality, local sourcing, and supply chain fairness, are now able to influence the reputation of a brand.

Consolidation in mature markets and growth in emerging markets

What role for North America?

We have a strong presence in the US and Canada, that allows us to grow organically.

Which situation in Europe, instead?

Despite significantly lower traffic volumes, Europe continues to be a key region for us.

What projects are there for Asia?

We constantly seek new opportunities in the Middle East and Asia, and we have already achieved important results in India, Vietnam, Indonesia.

Channels of activity

What strategy for the motorway offering in Italy?

We still believe that there is excess supply in the market at the time. Our goal is to be more selective: invest more in fewer outlets, for a higher profitability.

Latest update: Wednesday, March 15, 2023 - 14:47