Concepts and Brands

The Autogrill brand was created in 1977 following the merger of three businesses: Alemagna, Motta and Pavesi, which were all active in motorway catering in Italy. Today it is  a strong identity marker which characterizes the Group's internal and external communication, both on an international and national level.

A glocal approach

We manage a portfolio of brands specially selected for each country.

The rich variety of the 300 international and local brands on offer is one of the strengths of our marketing strategy, and makes our business model stand out from the crowd.

One of the key aspects of our expertise is the talent in designing winning internal brand concepts which can be replicated in different contexts and concepts for specific locations, undertaking careful research into the local culture and customs, in order to produce something truly bespoke. 

At the same time, through partnership with outstanding national brands, we ensure to our customers an experience able to dialogue with the local environment.

Through a number of strategic agreements with leading global brands, we provide popular choices for travellers looking for familiarity.

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