Enterprise Risk Management

We use an integrated model to identify, measure, manage and monitor risks and opportunities. Our approach is integrated into corporate processes, helps smart decisions to be taken and enhances our operations.

Managing risk to build a solid future

Risk in an integral part of every corporate activity

It is the possibility that the occurrence of an event may influence achieving our objectives. It impacts on operations, image and economic and financial figures.
For us managing risk means:

Understanding risk and opportunity factors

Fattori di rischio e di opportunità

to take well-informed decisions

Reducing the volatility of preset goals

Ridurre il grado di volatilità degli obiettivi

to increase performance sustainability

Creating a competitive advantage

Creare un vantaggio competitivo

to protect the Group’s value


Our model

We believe that integrating the risk management model into key decision-making processes is a factor for success. 
We have therefore developed an integrated approach which is recognized as an example of best practice internationally.

Our model is based on the typical stages of Risk Analysis & Management processes:

Risk Identification

Identification of risks and opportunities and potential triggers for them


Risk Measurement

Quantification of impact should an event occur                


Risk Response

Definition of countermeasures to prevent occurrence of the event and/or to mitigate its impact


Risk Monitoring

Monitoring of events/scenarios and implementation of mitigation plans:


Distinctive characteristics

  • Widespread and shared awareness of the risk profile 
  • Confidence in own ability to achieve the goals
  • Integration of risk culture into decision-making processes
  • Making whole organization responsible
  • Conformity with the laws on transparency and market disclosure
  • Coherence of objectives and strategies with risks taken on


A widespread commitment

The whole organization must contribute proactively into risk management.

This means that the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) division has a key role in coordinating and supporting the management of the business units, providing methodology, monitoring, an opportunity for discussion and ensuring uniformity in the Group's approach.

Each business unit is, however, directly responsible both for the identification and assessment of the potential factors and for definition of response strategies. A culture of risk management which, therefore, permeates the whole organization and guides strategic decisions.

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