Autogrill Group takes part in the “Great Fairtrade Challenge”, an event in support of producers in developing nations

From 11 to 13 May, the World Fairtrade Challenge is inviting consumers to think about the living and working conditions of producers in developing nations

Small producers in developing nations can also be supported by the choices people make in day-to- day life. From 11 to 13 May, Fairtrade will be inviting everyone to buy fair trade certified products like coffee, tea, sugar, biscuits, dried fruit, chocolate and jams to support the people who make them. The 3-day initiative coincides with World Fair Trade Day, which will be celebrated all over the world on 12 May.

The following countries have joined the World Fairtrade Challenge: Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, South Africa, United States, New Zealand, Sweden, Korea, Hong Kong, Luxembourg.

Autogrill @ Fairtrade

Autogrill Group is a front-line supporter of the cause and works to raise consumers’ awareness of what Fairtrade does to improve the living and working conditions of producers in developing nations. The event also gives businesses an unique opportunity to showcase their own sustainability choices and helps create awareness of issues such as fair trade, social justice, gender parity and the rights of the weakest.

In Milan, Autogrill Group is joining in the effort by offering a coffee to everyone who takes part, in Parco Sempione (a city park), in the creation of a gigantic puzzle: their reward will be a voucher for a coffee or cappuccino they can immediately spend at Bistrot Milano Duomo, Bistrot Glorious Cafe – Galleria del Duomo or Bistrot Milano Citylife.

The Group’s other Italian locations taking part in the initiative are:

  • Bistrot Venezia Santa Lucia
  • Bistrot Verona Porta Nuova
  • Bistrot Bergamo Oriocenter
  • Bistrot Massa Maremonti

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a global organization that aims to guarantee better living conditions for producers in developing nations through use of the Fairtrade Certification Mark.

"We envisage a world in which all producers can live and work in safe and sustainable ways, realize their potential and decide their own future. We aspire to transform global trade by promoting fairer trading conditions. To achieve this objective, Fairtrade acts as a benchmarking organization for sustainable development, having a range and depth of action greater than any other ethical certification programme."

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