• Assaggio, the new autogrill concept that celebrates italian style
  • Food offering supervised by Chef Cristina Bowerman
  • Autogrill strengthens its business at Rome Airport with the opening of a second Bistrot, a second Rosso Intenso and the first Kimbo Caffè Espresso da Napoli

Autogrill is consolidating its presence at Fiumicino by opening four new foodservice concepts in the new T3 area inaugurated by Aeroporti di Roma in December 2016. They will round out Autogrill’s existing food&wine offering with solutions designed to meet the increasingly diversified needs of this Roman airport’s multinational clientele.

Alongside a second Bistrot, a second Rosso Intenso and the first Kimbo Caffè Espresso da Napoli, the big new development – presented today to the press and bloggers – is the launch of Assaggio, a unique innovative concept that takes travellers on an explorative tour of the finest wines from Italy’s regions selected for Autogrill by ZONIN1821, one of the most expert and best known wine producers in this country and beyond.

It’s a veritable wine and fish bar, with table service, at which to enjoy a food offering overseen by Michelin star chef Cristina Bowerman, who also personally designed three of the recipes on the menu (65° egg, PDO mozzarella di bufala campana and potato in a panmezze maniche [pasta] filled with romesco sauce, mozzarella water and almonds; diced avocado, trout, pink pepper, tomatoes, sesame seeds). The Chef entertained guests at the press event with a special showcooking performance.

Assaggio is a fresh concept characterized by its minimalist and contemporary design and a location perfect for relaxing in the coolest part of the airport, amidst big name boutiques. Everything is thoroughly thought out, even the smallest details, from plating to the staff’s uniforms, from the elegant, gilt-edged menu to the intriguing shapes of the tableware and the colours of the food itself, as well as expert and efficient service that helps customers discover the peculiarities of the menu, the best food and wine pairings and the origins of the products, for an unforgettable tasting experience.

For Roma Fiumicino Airport’s international clientele Assaggio has a wide offering that caters for the whole of the day, from a small aperitif to a full meal, to give travellers what they want when they want.

An ample menu for this the first meal: in addition to the classic Italian breakfast, the choice offers something for all palates, even the most international, with a continental breakfast featuring pancakes and waffles, a generous choice of croissants and a selection of teas and smoothies.

In addition to cold fish-based courses, with high quality seafood products, there is sushi for more international tastes. And a wide range of salads graced by cereals, spices and vegetables designed to make them even more mouth-wateringly inviting. Not even the most refined customers will be disappointed with the Italian caviar produced by the Lombardia firm Calvisius.

The undisputed star at Assaggio is the wine, a product that effectively represents Italy to the world. Here it’s possible to taste wines from various parts of the country, on a tour through Veneto to Tuscany, from Liguria to Sicily, visiting estates selected from amongst Italy’s most important wineries, selected for Autogrill by one of the best known producers in this country and beyond: ZONIN1821.