Sustainable Innovation

The ability to understand current and future trends is an essential ingredient in our approach to innovation, which enables us to maintain a competitive, sustainable and long-lasting advantage in each of the countries where we operate.

Villoresi Est: international best practice for the sustainable innovation:

Best Practice Villoresi

We are engaged in looking for sustainable and cutting-edge solutions for the food & beverage business.

Research & Development of new recipes

Experimentation and researchin food and drink are key elements in our approach.

Our experimental cooking facilities in Italy, America, Spain and Switzerland are places where our own and external chefs develop new recipes and products to be included in our offer.

Addressing new global trends and the needs of increasingly well-informed and discerning customers means establishing a concept of quality which takes account of all the aspects which make up travelers’ food experience. For this reason our innovative laboratories include testing areas where new tastes can be identified and environments and atmospheres recreated.

Technology and instrumentation play a key role in research and development: again in our labs, we test new technologies for processes to prepare, conserve and use products, with the aim of achieving new solutions to create value from the raw materials we use and maintain their quality, taste, and fragrance.

Typical, seasonal and regional produce and zero km food

The philosophy of valorizing the local area, which has always been our hallmark, is an integral part of our strategy, 
merging with a vision of food and beverage as “glocal” and sustainable. 

We strive to ensure protection of the produce, culture and traditions of the areas where we operate, in complete respect of the local cultures in the countries where we are present.

That is not all: our challenge involves combining experience in the sector and the approach to a dynamic market with the key, typically Italian attributes of food and beverage and lifestyle. From our roots and cultural heritage we draw the known-how which enables us to offer typical, seasonal and regional produce, where possible from local sources. Local producers are directly part of our research and development process and collaborate with us on innovative solutions that are rooted in the local territory.

Local quality, which is a major trend in the food & beverage sector, combines with our know-how to create new concepts and new dedicated offers.

Innovation to serve sustainability

For us innovation means imagining a sustainable future. For this reason we are constantly looking for solutions which 
combine business goals and the needs of the environment, by reducing energy and water consumption.

We use geothermal and photovoltaic systems, thus reducing the use of traditional energy sources. In addition, we study and realize sustainable concepts, through the design of interiors and furnishings for which we use natural and environmentally-friendly materials. Our examples of international best practice in sustainable innovation, Villoresi Est and Delaware Welcome Center, which are both LEED certified, act as permanent laboratories for solutions which can be extended to our network.

New solutions in architectonic design

The design of our locations is essential for us. Through the differing layouts and architecture,
the design of spaces enables us to make each point of sale a unique experience, which becomes an integral part of the journey.
Each of them thus becomes for the travelers a destination where they can relax and feel welcome, thanks to the harmony in the fusion of the atmosphere and the food and drink offered.

We manage around 250 brands and it is important for us that each location reflects the quality and aesthetic standards which are typical of the “Autogrill style”, which is recognized by customers and landlords worldwide. Through the design, we offer environments and settings which valorize the offer of international, national and local produce.

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