Ursula Prela

Multi-service Operator, Bistrot Stazione Milano Centrale

"In past decades, many women fought so hard for rights that we young people sometimes take for granted."

Ursula Prela

Tell us about your story at Autogrill and the main stages of your personal and professional journey in the company.The first thing I like saying about myself is that I am a dancer! I am 25 and I've been working at Autogrill as a Multi-service Operator for a few years now. I work shifts, so this allows me to get organised and have time dedicated to dance, both studying professional dancers and teaching. The bar counter is just like a stage for me: I do my utmost to serve customers and make sure they have a lovely stop-off experience!

For me, working at Autogrill means…
I love Milan and I really enjoy working at Stazione Centrale because I’m in contact with so many people from all over the world. For me, working at Autogrill means always being in contact with the customer and providing them with the best possible service, giving them a special break before their journey!

What advice would you give to another woman wanting to start a career in Autogrill?
I would say that this is a very special company, which focuses a lot on people and offers loads of opportunities for growth. I am young, who knows what the future holds for me... My colleagues are mostly women and, thanks to the special relationship between us, we are able to serve thousands of customers every day.

What does 8th March mean to you?
For me, 8th March is a day for reflection: if I’m a carefree, happy girl today with a job that makes me independent, it's thanks to all the women in past decades who fought so hard for rights that we young people sometimes take for granted.

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