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We are the leading global operator in food & beverage services for travelers.


Our food & drink business is managed mainly under concessions signed with landlords, owners or operators of airports, motorways and railway stations

*This area includes a number of international “locations” in Northern Europe (Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Dutch railway stations, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway) and the rest of the world (United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Russia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand and China). 

HMSHost is the company through which we operate in over 84 airports and about 79 gas stations in North America. Through its division, HMSHost International, we pursue business development in Asia and the Middle East, and we manage the activities in the main airports and railway stations in Northern Europe and Oceania.

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We manage a portfolio of 300 brands.

The wide variety of owned and licensed brands is one of the strengths of our marketing strategy which characterize our business model and allows us to satisfy the changing needs of customers and landlords.

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