Puro Gusto opens at Venezia Mestre railway station

Last week the Coffee, Bakery & Fine Food concept of the Group has opened at Venezia Mestre.

Centrally located, with an entrance from platform 1, the store stretches along an area of over 120 square meters with the counter in plain view, tables and over 25 seats available. The heart of the offerings is represented by the cafeteria, which besides the Italian espresso, it serves also a selection of specialty coffees. The wide choice of café is accompanied by a gastronomic proposal conceived to meet any moment of the day.

The menu includes delicious specialties for breakfast (croissants, mini desserts, muffins, etc.) and a wide variety of savory products such as sandwiches and buns for a meal or a quick snack during the day.

All this in a warm and contemporary design space that welcomes customers with an attentive quality service.