Where we are

With around 3,300 points of sale managed in 30 different countries, we are the world leader in food & beverage service for travelers.

We serve a world on the move.
We operate in North America through our subsidiary HMSHost Corp. and in Asia, Middle East, North Europe and Oceania through HMSHost International.
In every country our customers enjoy our offer through international and local brands.


The Group's main channel in terms of revenue. The 139 airports served are located around the world, with 80 in North America, 43 in the International area, and 16 in Europe.


The second largest channel in terms of revenue, with 403 sites in Europe.

Other Channels

These include railway stations, urban areas, shopping centers, tradefairs, and cultural attractions, with 232 sites, mainly in Europe (188) and in the International business unit (43).

Latest update: Friday, April 15, 2022 - 11:01