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Are you passionate about food and catering and on the lookout for a dynamic job in close contact with people, in a collaborative, constantly-evolving environment?

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The international network of our points of sale is the area where over the course of the year we are most engaged in recruiting staff, especially just ahead of the holidays and summer months.

In each point of sale you could fill different roles but, regardless of your specific duties, the key point is to establish direct contact with people and to make sure everyone always feels welcome. Your job will therefore be to listen to and pay attention to the needs of our customers, guiding them in the purchasing process by providing a sound commercial offer.

On average, every year our employees come into contact with around 17,000 different people. In our points of sale you will have the chance to experience a lively and dynamic environment which is receptive to the different needs of travellers, where you can develop a sense of flexibility and people-to-people skills.

Although there are some differences from country to country, we are looking for 3 different professional profiles:


Operating positions

On joining our team, you will always work in close contact with travellers. Your job will be to interpret their needs and promote the quality of our offer. You will represent Autogrill in the relationships with customers in order to enhance the comfort and well-being of the various moments in their day.

Coordination positions

If you like taking responsibility and working in a team, this is the job for you. The aim of this position is to ensure high service quality by coordinating and supporting the other team members in their daily dealings with our customers.

Managerial and executive positions

You will make a decisive contribution to the performance of our points of sale, by updating the product mix and, generally, taking care of every detail in our commercial offer. You will have a leading role in determining the success of our points of sale and it will be your responsibility to identify the commercial initiatives and work organisation that will be the most effective in order to ensure constant growth.



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