"Via Con Me. Narratori in viaggio" literary contest

“As far back as history goes, travel has always been one of people’s most intense experiences. Something to tell other people about.”

Autogrill, which over the years has helped transform the travel dimension with its innovations in on the move food & beverage, decided to support “Via con me. Narratori in viaggio”, a literary contest. The initiative not only tells the story of an Italy that’s changing but is also designed to promote and develop young talents. It’s being organized in collaboration with Bottega Finzioni, Mondadori Electa and Einaudi, and is being promoted together with Autostrade per l’Italia.

From 21 June to 21 September 2015, aspiring adult writers will be able to submit a short story (maximum 5,000 characters) about a journey they did, or at least started, on the Autostrade per l’Italia motorway network, in a “Sei in un Paese Meraviglioso” location or during a stop-off at an Autogrill point of sale.

To take part in the initiative, users must go to www.narratorinviaggio.it and sign the full set of competition rules.

The 10 winning stories will be selected by 15 October 2015 by a jury including, among others, the authors Camilla Baresani and Marcello Fois, and published in an anthology entitled “Via con me - Narratori in viaggio”.