Puro Gusto lands for the second time at Frankfurt Airport

Last week, a new Puro Gusto opened at Germany’s most important airport.

The new store is the Puro Gusto atTerminal 1 and is characterized by a massive central bar that’s ideal for breakfast/lunch or a quick snack, as well as seating for around 40 to enjoy a more relaxed break.

For passengers in transit through the airport Puro Gusto has an offering that covers various times of day and emphasize the italian gastronomic culture. The heart of the offering is coffee, ranging from espresso prepared the traditional Italian way to a selection of special coffee drinks, from Top cups with aromatized toppings to Frappissimi (milkshakes). But not only.

For a tasty breakfast/lunch before boarding, Puro Gusto offers German travellers croissants (both sweet and savoury) and a variety of sandwiches with Mediterranean flavours, like the Focaccia Caprese (with mozzarella, rocket and pesto) or the Panino Parma (with DOP Parma ham). To accompany all this, a tankardof local draught beer or a glass of red or white wine from a list of the finest Italian and international labels.

The offering is rounded out by a selection of cheese and cold-cut boards and achoice of salads and delicious desserts. All this in the tipica Puro Gusto ambience characterized by warm colours and contemporary design.