The Group's care for its stakeholders is based on the values laid down in the Code of Ethics, which sets guidelines for relations with each kind of stakeholder and the applicable priorities, principles and forms of conduct.

Monitoring external dynamics, considering long-term global trends, and listening to stakeholder demands are fundamental activities for a business that values sustainability.

During the year the Group launched a major stakeholder engagement program, to conclude in 2018, with the goal of involving and consulting concession grantors—identified as priority stakeholders—on sustainability issues that are important to business development.

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Email address for reporting problems, SA8000 mailbox, Aconnect intranet portal, open line.


Annual "Feel good?" customer satisfaction survey, CRM activities, market research.

Concession grantors and brand partners

Collaboration for the development of ad hoc projects, concepts and services; participation at trade events; one-on-one meetings; participation in socio-environmental surveys.


Assessment and development process for new products/concepts, quality audits, one-on-one meetings.

Shareholders and Financial community

Top executives meet regularly with investors and financial analysts to discuss the Group's strategy, objectives, risks and opportunities and to present its periodic results. The Group also pursues an active Investor Relations program to foster an understanding of what it does and put investors in direct contact with the people who work day in and day out in the service of consumers. The annual general meeting of Autogrill S.p.A. is a chance to interact with the shareholders and for the shareholders to meet the executive and non-executive members of the Board of Directors and the management of Autogrill.


Support and engagement projects; one-on-one meetings; participation in national and international events and conferences.


Support and engagement projects; collaboration with partners and employee engagement; meetings with non-profits and participation in trade events/multi-stakeholder roundtables.




Creating and distributing economic value

Creating and distributing economic value is the ability to generate wealth and spread it among the stakeholders. In 2019, the Group created more than €5.7 billion in economic value, and distributed more than €4.9 billion. Of all value created, 86% was distributed to the internal and external stakeholders, while the remaining 14% was retained within the Group.

Statement of economic value (€K) 201920182017Stakeholders
Economic value created by the Group 5,761,530 5,215,052 5,085,423
Revenue and other operating income 5,604,364 5,223,912 5,086,559 Consumers
Financial income 5,147 2,061 1,316
Adjustment to the value of financial assets* 36,357 13 797
Provision for doubtful accounts (1,496) (1,859) (2,170)
Impairment loss** 117,158 (9,075) (1,079)
Economic value distributed 4,933,000 4,956,642 4,811,249
Reclassified operating costs 3,075,627 3,253,606 3,139,194 Concession grantors, suppliers and brand partners
Remuneration of personnel 1,652,876 1,538,525 1,501,661 Personnel
Remuneration of lenders and shareholders*** 125,215 99,840 93,822 Lenders and shareholders
Remuneration of public institutions 75,522 61,119 71,691  Government
Donations 3,760 3,552 4,881 Community
Economic value withheld by the Group 828,530 258,410 274,174
Depreciation and amortization 6,123,67 227,807 212,662
Provisions 1,0975 12,823 13,672
Reserves 205,188 17,780 47,840

* Including profit/loss from discontinued operations.
** Net of any capital gains from the disposal of operations.
***  The remuneration of shareholders consists of the share of profits of the year that will be paid as dividends in the following year, as proposed to the annual general meeting by the Board of Directors.

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