Partnership for excellence

We believe that value is built together. That is why we actively collaborate with our partners, creating new products and services with them and developing successful concepts and locations.

Over the years we have been able to build lasting and valuable relationships. On the one hand, the link with the main brands and the best in food & beverage has enabled us to enrich and constantly transform our product offer, anticipating food & beverage fashions, tastes and trends of travelers. On the other, it has strengthened our ability to create synergy with other players , making us a strategic partner for all operators in the sector.

Partnership with the best of food & beverage

We collaborate around the world with leading chefs and culinary institutions to develop new food & beverage concepts and formulae. This contact provides us with an opportunity to study food trends and to collect innovative ideas in order to increase the quality of the food experience we offer.

USA – Celebrity Chef


Todd English

Todd English 
"If you didn’t know we are in an airport you’d think that these restaurants were in Manhattan or somewhere else in another big city"

Lorena Garcia


Lorena Garcia
"When you’re opening a restaurant in an airport there are many challenges: the equipment, the ingredients, the operators, the people that are actually making the food...everything needs to have a system and HMS Host is proven to be the best operator for restaurants and retail spaces into airports"

In the main American airports, through the American division HMSHost, we have established agreements with some of the best known celebrity chefs in the USA.

The aim is to offer travelers innovative, high quality menus served in exclusive, striking and very comfortable environments which transmit the same atmosphere as luxury restaurants in city centers.

Currently we are operating restaurants realized in collaboration with 6 famous American chefs:

  • Lorena Garcia (Atlanta - Hartsfield - Jackson and Miami airports); ;
  • Rick Bayless (Chicago O’Hare airport);
  • Todd English (JFK New York, Boston Logan International Airport, Las Vegas McCarran;
  • Wolfgang Puck (over 40 locations in airports such as Boston Logan, Chicago O’Hare, Las Vegas McCarran, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Salt Lake City, Seattle-Tacoma and Lambert-St. Louis)
  • Kathy Casey Seattle-Tacoma International Airport);
  • David Burke (Las Vegas McCarran)


Partnership with top brands

Also our relationship with the brands which make up our licensed portfolio is focused on the creation of reciprocal value which is sustainable over time.

For example, our collaboration with Starbucks Coffee Company is now well-established and started over 20 years ago in the United States, and it enabled us to start new business in Europe as from 2013.

An example of how this partnership lasting over more than two decades has proved successful is the Starbucks Evening, a development of the traditional coffee shop towards that of the wine bar & fine food.

In the same way, we have a thirty-year long relationship with Burger King which has enabled the introduction of innovative concepts, such as the tailoring of menus and modifying the product offer to local situations. The result of our joint commitment is the European expansion enjoyed by Burger King, which together with us has brought its product offer to travelers in France and Switzerland.

Likewise there are other collaborations with major and well-known brands which have seen us involved in the joint design and realization of dedicated points of sale, which skillfully bring together our know-how with the brand equity of our partners.

Among these is Terrazza Aperol, developed in partnership with Campari for the Duomo Store location and now also successfully installed at Dusseldorf airport in Germany, and the Mercedes Benz Cafè, designed in collaboration with the car manufacturer from Stuttgart and inaugurated at Rome Fiumicino airport.

Customer experience

Terrazza Aperol: looking out at the Duomo di Milano

A terrace overlooking the heart of the capital of Lombardy, the perfect listening point for tuning into life in this city.

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Customer experience

Innovation at the service of people: Autogrill meets Electrolux

An innovation in equipment that has revolutionised the market: shorter waiting times, better product quality and lower energy consumption.

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Partnership with landlords and local operators

We are proud to be strategic partners for the landlords with whom we work in markets held under a concession. Our growth has seen constant enhancement of the collaboration with the operators of the locations where we are present, in parallel with a geographic expansion which today sees us present in over 30 countries.

The concession system rewards our particular know-how: airport, motorway and railway landlords who choose to work with us recognize our quality and solidity which is destined to last over the medium to long term.

Partnership with suppliers

As for all business sectors and corporate processes, also the selection of suppliers is targeted at finding quality, flexibility and the best possible professional approach.

The procurement of food and non-food raw materials is essential for the continuity of our business, there is in fact a direct correlation between the quality of the relationship with suppliers and the quality of the products and services offered to customers.

We consider the partnerships with our main suppliers as important vehicles for innovation, for our business and for the whole sector. That is why we are willing to work with them in a concept of co-design and co-development,  to develop together new products – as in the case of the Kimbo coffee blends – services or equipment – such as the hot plates for quick, precise and energetically efficient heating developed with Electrolux.

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