National Food Drive Day: Autogrill’s initiatives against food waste

November 25 is National Food Drive Day.

It’s an important event that reminds us that we can all help in the fight against food waste with small yet effective actions. For 20 years now Autogrill has been supporting Associazione Banco Alimentare, an organization that donates surplus food to 8,000 charity entities throughout Italy.

Last year we collaborated with Coca Cola HBC Italia on the sale of our Perfetto Menu in over 400 ACafè snack bars: part of the proceeds went to Banco Alimentare for the collection and distribution of 150,000 kg of food (the equivalent of 400,000 meals) to families in need.

The Group also works with other national and international organizations, such as International Cooperation in Christmas in Spain, and engages employees in donations to support families in need, as well as supporting campaigns to collect food to donate to NGOs.

In the United States, our subsidiary HMSHost supports Food Donation Connection, which operates as a bridge between restaurants and foodservice businesses willing to donate their surpluses and social services associations that provide food for the needy. 116 locations in airports, motorway service areas and shopping centres are taking part in the programme. In 2016, 119 associations were able to redistribute over 3 million portions of food (eg. sandwiches, fruit salads, etc.).

By supporting Banco Alimentare and other associations around the world we give a real helping hand to those in most need, thanks also to precious contributions from our customers!


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