Jaya Sachwani

Company Secretary, India Middle East Region, India

"We should recognize the significance of women in our lives and on society and be inspired by them for greater future achievements."

Jaya Sachwani

Could you tell us shortly the story of your career path at Autogrill/HMSHost, highlighting your key personal and professional milestones?
I joined HMSHost as Company Secretary and my Job Profile was to handle legal matters and ensure all the compliances required by local laws were in place. I expressed my interest in numbers and number crunching and Mr. Rana (Regional Managing Director) was kind enough to trust me with Business Analysis, even when I had no prior experience in creating Financial Models. Gradually I gained expertise in Business Cases and tender submissions with the extensive support of local and International Team.

Back in 2019 I was discussing my career path with Mr. Rana and expressed I wanted to add something more to my profile. I wanted to learn more. It was then when he suggested we are a Global Company, go for qualifications that gives you international exposure and I chose to pursue Chartered Governance course from The Chartered Governance Institute, United Kingdom and Ireland. I remember I had given my examinations in pretty tough circumstances but my whole team was standing with me. One usually is not so lucky to have colleagues who are more like a family. They are there to listen, to advice, to support. HMSHost has always provided me with a perfect workplace, we have supportive management and never-ending learning possibilities. When I started with HMSHost, I was like a fresher who just passed school and started working and today people see me as a confident independent woman. It feels so good when people come up and ask me advices related to their career choices, when colleagues approach me with an expectation that they will find a solution. Life seems better at HMSHost.

Working at Autogrill/HMSHost for me is…
ADDICTION. I am so used to HMSHost and its culture.

What would you suggest to a woman who is starting her career at Autogrill/HMSHost?
Women represent a potent talent pool in HMSHost. Just keep that hunger for growth. You will get innumerable opportunities to learn and grow. Women is not just not considered as Female talent or a diversity target that needs to be achieved. Women get equal opportunities in the company.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
Nooyi said “Women’s Day cannot be another note on the calendar that drifts by.” On this day we should recognize the significance of women in our lives and on society and inspire them for greater future achievements. I still look for equality in this world. Contribution of women cannot be acknowledged in a one day’s celebration.

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