A new concept mix for the motorway service station of Nemours

At the end of June the Group has completed the renewal of the french motorway service station of Nemours with the inauguration of a new Territoires de France restaurant and a Burger KingIn the previous months, to improve the food & beverage experience of our guests at the location, two more new concepts have been opened – Spizzico and Brioche Dorée – together , with new services to make the stop more memorable and enjoyable.The new concepts are located in different area of the bridge service station: Brioche Dorée and Spizzico welcome guests at the two ground floors, while Burger King and Territoires de France are positioned on the bridge floor then reachable from both sides of service area.


Brioche Dorée


One of the most famous quick service brand in France with over 40 years of successful story that is managed under licence by our Group. The Brioche Dorée point of sale at Nemours will welcome guests with a wide menu, rich both in quality and variety, which includes: viennoiseries, pastry, desserts, sandwiches, specialties and salads. Guests have also the opportunity to taste some typical french specialties that will change every month celebrating for each a specific regional gastronomic tradition of France.


One of the most successful concept among the Autogrill's proprietary brands celebrating the fusion between quick service and the mediterranean tradition of Pizza. At Nemours, Spizzico is welcoming guests with a modern design, characterized by warm colours and refined furniture. Pizza is at the heart of the offering of the store, proposed in different recipes inspired by italian regional traditions, such as Margherita, Bufala, Diavola or Alpina. The menu is completed by Focaccia available in different flavours, as well, a wide array of salads and desserts like muffins, Tiramisu or Lemon pie to enjoy at the end of the meal with an authentic italian espresso coffee.

Territoires de France

One of the most recent and innovative proprietary concept internally developped by the Group to celebrate the excellence of local gastronomic traditions. At Nemours Territoires de France will give guests the opportunity to discover authentic french regional cuisine with recipes based on IGP and typical local ingredients. With a casual and welcoming atmosphere Territoires de France at Nemours guests can enjoy the gourmet excellences of the surrounding local french area and the several certified ( IGP, AOC…) specialties which are typical.

Burger King


Founded in 1954, BURGER KING® is the second largest hamburger restaurant chain in the world. The Group manages also in France this brand under licence.Its success is based on a unique grilled meat, fresh ingredients, generous portions and its iconic product, the Whopper.

 The Services

The Nemours service station provides travelers of all the modern services to meet their different identities and needs while on the move, from wifi to services for kids and families. As an example, the Burger King restaurant offers the opportunity to save time by ordering & paying the meal through the digital kiosk.

For business travellers Nemours is endowed also with a wide and comfortable Meeting Room equipped with all technical devices to have meetings and live the experience of working on the move.


 About Nemours Service Station
Nemours is located at 80km from Paris (south) on the A6 - Paris to Lyon Highway, one of the busiest in France  and it is composed of  2 buildings, one on each side of the highway connected with a bridge.  Since 2015 Autogrill France has renewed the concession for the location, that will last until 2030