Kaoutar Sandforth

Shift manager, Düsseldorf Airport

"We need to keep up the work to make it the 8th March every day."

Kaoutar Sandforth

Tell us about your story at Autogrill and the main stages of your personal and professional journey in the company.
When I started my jouirney at Autogrill, I was doing back-office work because I didn't speak the language well. Autogrill gave me the opportunity to do a German language course, which means I was able to broaden my horizons in terms of new roles. I was table service manager while still taking care of the bar side. Now I am shift manager, I manage the people on shift, I’m like the link between them and the management team.

For me, working at Autogrill means…
Being home. I came to Germany without even speaking German. Now this is my new home, I speak another language and do a job that I like, that stimulates me and makes me happy every day.

What advice would you give to another woman wanting to start a career in Autogrill?
I'd say it's the perfect place for anyone who wants to grow, build and be fulfilled. It's somewhere you can seriously plan your career path, which lays the groundwork for self-actualisation as a woman.

What does 8th March mean to you?
It’s the perfect moment to reflect on the significant achievements made to date and to remind everyone that we need to keep up the work to make it the 8th March every day.

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