Ethic Code, Organization Model and Anti-Corruption Policy

The documents that guide our actions.

Modello OrganizzativoOrganization Model

Adoption of an Organization and Management Model enables a company to prevent risks linked to crimes


As part of a wider corporate policy and ethical and corporate responsibility culture, to guarantee correctness and transparency in business and company management Autogrill has adopted an Organization Model establishing policies and measures to guarantee that activities are carried out in compliance with the law and to eliminate risk situations.

The “Organization, Management and Control Model” adopted is in line with provisions in Legislative Decree 231 of 8 June 2001 and with international best practices.

A chi si rivolgeWho is it for

It is for all Autogrill employees and those the company interacts with (Customers, Suppliers, Partners, etc.) so that they behave correctly and transparently, consistent with the ethical-social values inspiring the company when pursuing its objectives.

Struttura del ModelloModel Structure

The Model is composed by:

describing Decree contents, illustrating offences that bring on administrative responsibility for an entity, possible sanctions and the conditions for the waiver of responsibility, as well as the Company's organization and governance structure and actions carried out to build, circulate and update the Model.
contains “Protocols”, i.e. all the regulations and conduct and control principles deemed suitable to preside over areas where a risk of potential offences being committed was detected, presupposition of administrative responsibility pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001


It is the duty of the Supervisory Committee to supervise on how the Model works and that provisions therein are complied with, checking consistency between conduct and the Model, proposing corrective actions and disciplinary proceedings against parties involved.

Codice eticoCode of Ethics

This is the document that lays down the standards and ethical values that guide our way of doing business.

We strive to work loyally, legally and correctly, in the firm belief that this is the right way to ensure the growth and success of our business

In pursuing these goals, in November 2002 Autogrill approved the Code of Ethics on which its operations are founded.

The Code of Ethics sets the behavioural guideline of the Group. Its observance of this behavioral guideline is essential to the Group and extremely important for its functioning, reliability, reputation, and image and for the satisfaction of its customers. The principles it contains are the foundation for the current and future development of the Group’s businesses and for the prevention of legal offenses.

The commitments set forth in the Code target all those interfacing with Autogrill: customers, employees, consultants, suppliers, competitors and shareholders, who are all equally called to protect and respect the Group's image and integrity.

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