A stop-off in the Future: Grand opening for Villoresi Est

Villoresi Est has been officially inaugurated by Autogrill chairman Gilberto Benetton and CEO Gianmario Tondato Da Ruos

The new service area located on A8 Milano-Laghi highway, has been the protagonist of opening event during which the innovation content and sustainability approach characterizing the project were presented to the authorities and the Company’s main stakeholders. The event had several entertainment-moments.

An exhibition of photography entitled “A stop-off in the Future”, illustrated Villoresi Est’s energy-environmental efficiency and avant-garde constructions, the fruit of an innovative co-industry project grouping various sector-leading operators to offer a new-generation motorway stop-off experience. In the middle of the facility, on a stage under the fascinating skylight, the journalist and editor of the weekly A, Maria Latella, moderated a debate on the themes of innovation, sustainable mobility and the future involving Autogrill chairman Gilberto Benetton, CEO Gianmario Tondato Da Ruos and the motor racing driver, cyclist and TV host Alex Zanardi.

The entire floor space of the point of sale was then turned into a stage for a performance by Kataklò, an athletic dance theatre who put on a show of high emotional impact inspired by the energy of the four elements of nature and sustainability.

The menu too was innovation flavoured, with culinary creations by chefs from Autogrill’s experimental kitchen Partners in the event included Electrolux, Fondazione Ev-Now, Loginet, Opel and Nissan.