Ready to restart!

The Group restarts with new services and a broader offering: Stazione Milano Centrale and Linate Airport lead the way

Autogrill’s new developments are launched in Stazione Milano Centrale and Linate Airport, as Italy restarts after the long period of closures and restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


One of Europe’s main hubs, Milano Centrale is once again the elegant railhead loved by Italian and international travellers alike. To celebrate the restart, the station is opening four new venues for passengers in moments of transit that need to be comfortable, if at times rapid.

The new premises in the Station’s vast yet elegant spaces address the more demanding kind of traveller with a broad offering of quality food catering for all types of break.


Spizzico: the spirit of Italy in a pizza

Spizzico changes look, now offering an essentially Italian menu in which the key item is pizza alla pala. A NEW PIZZA BASE made with genuine, quality ingredients and served in rectangular slabs replaces the classic round pizza cut in sectors. The offering is rounded out with a range of hot and cold dishes, including appetizing salads easy to eat on the move, for example.

Beers&Bar Heineken, a new place in which to enjoy a beer

At Milano Centrale, there’s a new place to sip a beer with a great sandwich! Beers&Bar Heineken is the new concept developed in partnership with Heineken, the famed Dutch brewer founded in 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken. This bar offers a full assortment of Heineken beers to enjoy with sandwiches, side dishes and cold food to complete an experience with a distinctly cosmopolitan feel.

Storie di caffè and Pastaria

Storie di caffé represents the classic, traditional café and has a broad offering, from croissants to sandwiches, including some great classics from the Autogrill assortment, as well as premium recipes in line with the trends of the moment.

A concept devised in collaboration with Michelin-star chef Andrea Ribaldone, Pastaria is ready-in-1-minute pasta featuring the flavours of the Mediterranean thanks to an inspired selection of sauce ingredients and recipes taken from local traditions.

WASCOFFEE® Lab: sustainability in a cup

WASCOFFEE® Lab is not only a place in which to enjoy a good coffee or snack before the next rain but a veritable taste laboratory committed to sustainability.

Healthy products, tasty gourmet club sandwiches and Sal De Riso cakes and pastries form a menu designed for travellers looking for sustainability, innovation and quality.



L’Aeroporto di Linate è stato recentemente oggetto di un restyling totale seguendo le linee guida della neuroarchitettura, neuroscienza che ha lo scopo di creare spazi capaci di suscitare benessere, riducendo al massimo stress e ansia.

I lavori del terminal hanno riguardato il design architettonico e funzionale dell’area dei check-in, dei filtri di sicurezza e dell’area duty free, ma soprattutto è stata ampliata l’aerostazione: proprio in quest contesto si inseriscono le proposte  del Gruppo Autogrill, sempre attente all'innovazione, alla sostenibilità e al design. Autogrill e l’Aeroporto di Linate sono legati da sempre grazie a spazi divenuti iconici come il caffè Motta e a caffetterie improntate alla contemporaneità come Puro Gusto. Oggi, la presenza del Gruppo si fa ancora più importante grazie a nuovi punti vendita che si inseriscono nel nuovo contesto: con Motta, Puro Gusto, Saporè e Temakinho l’offerta food dell’aeroporto milanese si amplia per rispondere alle esigenze dei consumatori più esigenti.

Motta, the typical Italian bar

The concept of the new Caffè Motta – which has always been at home in the city of Milan – is an expression of the famous brand’s evolution and adapting to the needs of an international public without sacrificing its vocation as a mainstay of traditional Italian cuisine. Alongside its coffee-based products, undoubtedly the pride of Motta, is its 100% Italian food offering, ranging from the classic veal shank with gremolada sauce and risotto alla milanese to pizzas and gourmet sandwiches for a quick but quality break. There’s also a rich offering of cocktails, which travellers can savour in a sumptuous setting of prestige woods, marble and brass, the whole being pointed up by touches of the brand’s signature blue.

Puro Gusto: innovation and tradition meet in a coffee cup

A premium coffee offering backed up by gastronomic specialities to savour in an elegant and uplifting ambience: such is the concept underpinning Puro Gusto, which at Milano Linate has a particularly sophisticated design evoking the tiny coffee shops of the past. Tables, counter, panelled walls – illustrating the life cycle of a coffee bean and a map of Milan – are all made of WASCOFFEE®, a new material produced with coffee grounds, 100% natural and recyclable, and used to make ecodesign furnishing items.


Saporè grew out of an idea of Renato Bosco, the Verona chef famous for his experiments with pizzas. Bosco has been defined a “pizza-researcher” on account of his continual and innovative work on leavened products. Starting out from the traditional, in fact, he created a “contemporary pizza” concept based on continual evolution of doughs. The collaboration between Autogrill and Bosco, consolidated since 2017, is characterized by innovation and focuses on craft experience at the service of a large corporation determined to offer innovative and varied food combining genuineness and tradition in the unmistakable taste of pizza.

The “secret ingredient” in Renato Bosco’s “pizza contemporanea” is his ongoing innovation in doughs, which have to be genuine, digestible and flavoursome and without compromising on the nutrients of each ingredient and the overall balance. Saporè also has a tasting room with a cosy and informal atmosphere and furnishing (made of natural materials) to enhance the consumer’s experience.


Temakinho is the leading brand in Japanese-Brazilian cooking (nikkei) with 14 restaurants in three countries (Italy, Spain and the UK).

Temakinho the first foodservice brand to obtain a sustainability certification for the fish offered to its customers (“Friend of the Sea Certification”) – was set up in 2011 and is now the world’s best known nikkei brand (nikkei is a delicious mix of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine).

It adds new recipes to its menu every year to anticipate customers’ desires and always offers the widest possible choice, the à la carte menu including, among many others, Tartaras, Gunkan and Sushi Joe, Sobremesas, Petiscos, Ceviches, Pokè and Temakis & Rolls, Organic Picanha, Atum and Salmao.

Each restaurant is run by a different chef who’s free to express his or her creativity, thanks also to the brand’s decision to differentiate 15% of the menu so that it can be personalized on the basis of the chef’s personal flair, local flavours and the style of the city and country.


Ready to restart!
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