Autogrill continues to amaze, this time with its new Autogrill Più concept

Designed for Italy’s motorway network and ideal for all types of stop-off

That “più” after Autogrill means “more” and is key to the concept.

In fact it indicates the constant goal of the world’s leading travel foodservice operator, that of excelling itself and delighting travellers on Italy’s motorways with a continual stream of new ideas.

It’s doing this today with a concept that was inspired by ever growing consumer demand for healthy foods and the so-called street food trend.

In a single space, whether you have time for a relaxed stop-off or only a quick break, it will be possible to enjoy a richly diversified offering in a setting whose differentiated layout and design make it easy for customers to find what they need.

Comfort area

“After hours and hours of driving I just want to take my hands off the wheel and stretch my legs a moment.”

This is Sabrina speaking. She’s travelling with her family today and now wants to relax a bit. She’s just come into the Comfort area, ideal for a nourishing but light meal and offering dishes prepared on the spot and which can also be composed by the customer according to his or her tastes. There are three concepts:

CIAO – the key elements here are the Super Foods together with the Super Salads, to combine traditional Italian 1st and 2nd course dishes;

BURGER IN – this specializes in hamburgers of course, offering five different recipes made with prime quality raw materials including specially selected Angus beef and chicken and a veggie option;

LA PIADINERIA – 31 piadina recipes (flat and rolled) and three types of dough (classic, wholemeal and kamut) to choose from.

“A super salad for me and an Angus burger and a chicken burger for the kids.” Sabrina has made her choice from the CIAO and Burger In menus so she can at last enjoy a bit of peace with her kids before getting back on the road again.

While they wait they use the buzzer service: they sit down at the table they’ve been longing for and can collect their meal when alerted by the buzzer they’ve been given, so no standing around waiting.

Fast area

“Don’t worry, our service is fast.”. 

This is Mario, behind the counter, answering Mr Cecchetti, travelling for business reasons today, who’s just apologized for his haste in asking for information about having a quick meal.

Here too there’s quite a choice:

GUSTI DI STRADA – (street flavours) – a format offering meals to take away or eat on the premises and ranging from Italian street food to products from various parts of the country, such as Milanese veal cutlets and mondeghili, with sides dishes and sauces to choose from;

CAMOGLI&FRIENDS – sandwiches, sandwiches and more sandwiches! From the most classic and iconic to pizzas and focaccias dressed with in-season products according to recipes revisited by “pizza researcher” Renato Bosco, whose mission is to “bring innovation into the world of pizzas”;

MR GOOD – the most youthful and trendy of the concepts, this offers hot and cold but all rigorously green drinks (smoothies, fruit bowls) on one hand and a Anglo-style bakery on the other.

“For me a Camogli please, I’m old generation you know, as well as always being in a hurry,” smiles Mr Cecchetti while he’s at the pick-up point, where he orders, pays and waits for his take-away sandwich.

Come visit us

In summer 2018, the new concept is being rolled out in two services areas and will be gradually extended to other motorway points of sale.

Somaglia Est (Lodi)

This service area has both Fast and Comfort areas.

Crocetta Sud (Alessandria)
This service area has only a Fast area.

Both offer the 18 new “summer edition” types of coffee to finish off the meal in the best possible way.


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