Italian "Puro Gusto" opens at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen

The Turkish international airport steps up its collaboration withthe Group’s subsidiary HMSHost International

Italian yes, but customized to fit the context: the new Puro Gusto point of sale in the landside area of Sabiha Gökçen Airport promises an offering of extremely high quality to fully satisfy travellers at any time of day.

Thanks to the recent revisiting of the concept, based on the model of a typical Italian bar but adaptable to the customs, habits and culinary traditions of the host country, Puro Gusto is perfectly suited to the spirit of a cosmopolitan capital in continual evolution like Istanbul, an historic gateway between west and east, Europe and Asia, tradition and innovation.

The Puro Gusto offering at Sabiha Gökçen Airport is designed to meet travellers’ needs from morning to evening, with Italian flavour recipes but also a byzantine twist, such as Puro Gusto True Italian, Turkish black tea, zeytinli acma (a savoury pastry with olives) or simit, similar to bagels, with sesame seeds on top.

The point of sale’s design also has a dual character: on one side inspired by the comfort of a small bar in which to savour coffee that’s roasted daily on the premises, around a large convivial table behind which there’s a wall illustrating the various phases of transformation involved in making the coffee you’re sipping, and on the other a décor that pays tribute to the ancient city of Istanbul, including a map showing its key attractions.

Sustainability between present and future: the WASCOFFEE project

If Puro Gusto embodies Autogrill Group’s vocation for innovation and sustainability, in Istanbul the concept has gone a step further: certain parts of the new point of sale in fact were designed to Ecodesign criteria using materials deriving from coffee dregs. WASCOFFEE is an Autogrill project launched in collaboration with CMF GREENTECH, an Italian company specializing in eco-sustainable materials, and Costagroup, the project’s creative partner. The aim is to completely rethink the foodservice supply chain and review production processes in line with a circular economy model.

Byzantine, Ottoman, Turkish: Istanbul is a city in perpetual motion and Puro Gusto at Sabiha Gökçen Airport is ideal for enjoying a pleasant break in a place with sustainable design and taste.