Autogrill + Saporè: a whole new pizza

Renato Bosco’s crunchy dream comes true at Mercato del Duomo, in the middle of Milan.

Collaboration extraordinary

Since its opening party on 26 May 2015, the Mercato del Duomo in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – the Group’s flagship store and emblem of food and foodservice culture – has stood out as a place where tradition interacts with innovation in a sensory experience in which discovery, awareness and knowledge of the agri-food chain are the essence.

Such a setting is also the perfect venue for the new concept - Saporè -  on the 2nd floor of the building.

In collaboration with Renato Bosco, a Verona chef well known for his experimental approach to the pizza, this new store is a comprehensive response to the continually changing needs of modern consumers, which the Group has always been focussed on understanding and anticipating.

Bosco’s ongoing experimentation marries to perfection with Autogrill’s increasingly innovative drive to develop and operate successful concepts that represent a new vision of foodservice.

Renato Bosco

Contemporary pizza: innovative reinvention of a traditional dish

With the opening of Saporè Milano, the Milanese and travellers visiting the city will be able to choose a new type of pizza, perhaps the most iconic and traditional dish in Italian cuisine, with a more modern and more genuine twist. The variety of the offering is enhanced by the lightness of the genuine and digestible pizza dough, as well as the goodness and freshness of the ingredients, which are cleverly balanced in terms of nutritional values. Wholesomeness and flavour are the two indispensable priorities in all 7 of the different pizza doughs used.

The gastronomic offering:

<<Don't expect your normal pizza>>

  • Mozzarella di Pane®: more like a bread roll with a soft consistency produced by double cooking: first in mozzarella water and then steamed, as in a more oriental tradition.

  • Pizza Doppiocrunch®: an alla romana evolution of pizza in a tin; as the name suggests, every bite impresses you with its extraordinary crunchiness.
  • Pizza Tonda Classica: the classic pizza made with Pasta Madre Viva and natural leavening, and featuring the typical puffed up rim

The unique world of Saporè

Since the opening of the first Saporè in Verona, its philosophy has been guided by Bosco’s ongoing experimentation and creation of an atmosphere and an experience that’s one of a kind. Collaboration with Autogrill has enabled the concept to be taken to a further stage of evolution. It has now reached the Mercato del Duomo, in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, an architecturally complex venue where objectives are ambitious and partnership with Bosco can bring even more value to the Group’s offering.

Passion for food, central importance of the customer, care over even the smallest details: these are the three pillars of this location, where customers can enjoy the countless flavours of a top quality pizza in a comfortable ambience. The tasting room, in fact, recreates a homely, informal atmosphere, with furnishings made of strictly natural materials.


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