Sal De Riso pâtisserie at Mercato del Duomo

Fragrances and flavours of the Amalfi Coast now available at the famed Motta Milano 1928

Autogrill Group’s historic Motta Milano 1928 brand epitomizes the bar all’italiana, where “Italianity” means commitment to the excellence of the gastronomic tradition admired by so many around the world and revisited here in a contemporary key. One of the players in this scenario is Salvatore De Riso, whose offering of cakes and pastries rigorously made in Costiera Amalfitana can be found at Mercato del Duomo.

Autogrill Group’s strategy is based on a feeling for tradition, a focus on outstanding products and quality raw materials, on originality and innovation, and over the years it has been offering consumers an increasingly wide range of superior quality products. A strategy that was bound to want the all-Italian excellence of Sal De Riso.

Salvatore De Riso, Master Pastry Chef

This award-collecting pastry chef comes from a family that have been making ice creams and granitas on the Amalfi Coast for over half a century. In his bar-pâtisserie on the seafront at Minori – the only one of its kind in Campania to have won the Tre Chicchi and Tre Tazzine awards organized by Gambero Rosso’s Guida Bar d’Italia 2020 – he has for decades been making cakes and pastries and other delicacies that are appreciated literally all over the world. Thanks in part to his charismatic role in Antonella Clerici’s "La Prova del Cuoco" on TV, Salvatore De Riso, or Sal De Riso as everyone now refers to him, is in fact one of the most famous and highly rated pastry chefs in Italy.

The Amalfi Coast at the lick of a spoon

Sal De Riso’s pâtisserie is as firmly rooted in his Mediterranean origins as it is fervently driven by an idea of innovation: his sweet creations are both a tribute to tradition and a quiet hymn to novelty, and always privileging local raw materials and sustainability. Certain delicacies conjured up by the maître pâtissier are already classics: from the highly popular ricotta and pears to the iconic lemon delight (PGI delizia al limone) via the memorable Caprese to his fresh, delicate and never banal single-portion items.

Mediterranean sunshine in the maestro’s offering

The pastry chef from Minori has come a long way thanks to his powerful insights and capacity to strike the right balance between sophistication and simplicity. He now returns to Milan, where he has won multiple Re Panettone awards, to offer the delicacies of his sun-kissed Amalfi coastline, a destination for discerning travellers from all over the world.

“Citrus fruits, magical ambience, green and blue sea, fishing boats moored in the harbour: these are the things that inspire the maestro”

Consumers at Mercato del Duomo can choose from a wide range of goodies - to enjoy on the spot and also take home - in which genuine Campania products and craft bakery style form a perfect mix whilst preserving the quality of the raw materials:

  • single-portions, including the famous Delizia al Limone Amalfitano, Oro Puro and Babà al Rhum (with aged rum);
  • cakes , with the Caprese and the Ricotta e Pere in the front line;
  • dessert in a glass;
  • dessert in a jar;
  • cakes like the Dolce di Amalfi and the Panzuppati®;
  • biscuits;
  • cream spreads (CremDerì) coming in various flavours and a selection of liqueurs.

Last update October 26, 2020.