Autogrill tells its story

A small world, our stories

We decided to give voice to our world.

“A small world”: because there is no distance when you have something in common. 

We, our people, and travellers: “People on the move” across a world in which time is punctuated by the pace of travelling. This often becomes a state of mind: the dynamism of those planning their own journey, the open-mindedness of those ready to engage with others, the passion of those who love life, the effectiveness of those looking for a solution.

With “a small world”, we give space to the values, experiences, and voices of those living on the move.

It is an online magazine with stories from and about travelling. It is a new way to represent the unique identity of a group of people sharing a common goal: making the most of their time, adding value to their experience.

A small world is passion on the move
The passion of those living their time to the fullest.

A small world is a world to experience
A world in which we build today to continue living it tomorrow.

A small world is inventing the future
The dedication of those who, like us, believe in the possibility of change.

A small world, of those who go straight for their goal
The enthusiasm of those running towards the finish line.

A small world is a glocal soul
Being there, being yourself and someone else, everywhere: rising to the challenge of our time at the pace of modern life.

Each journey is a unique story waiting to be told... Autogrill brings together the experience of the past with the vision of the future.

Autogrill, Feeling good on the move


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Autogrill tells its story
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