Lead. Inspire. Transform. 10 awards to Autogrill Group at 2021 FAB Awards

Among the “heroes” and “heroines” given awards for having carried forward the travel foodservice sector in the year of the pandemic there are also 10 of our people and team. A recognition of our commitment to innovation in this sector.

2020 was a year of uncertainty and tension and packing bags only when travel was “strictly necessary. But for many people it was also an opportunity to make progress in their work, see it in new ways and change it to be able to go on guaranteeing services of use to everyone in the “restart”. The FAB Awards (Food&Beverage Awards) – a high profile event in the airport F&B sector – made its comeback with these stories, acclaiming teams and people who managed to bring innovation to travel f&b in 2020.

10 awards: here come the “heroes” of our daily work and winners of FAB Superstar Awards

Some of the stories emerging at the event we know very well. 10 of the people and teams of Autogrill Group received FAB Superstar Awards.

Gianmario Tondato Da Ruos, Autogrill Group Chief Executive Officer, said:

“We are very proud that the Teams, the people at Autogrill Group have won so many awards at such a prestigious event as the FAB CONFERENCE & AWARDS 2021, which we attended for many years. Despite the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic was and still is an unprecedented crisis, Autogrill, thanks to the efforts of its employees, who despite this extremely challenging situation have continued to work with commitment and dedication to the customer, is optimistic about the future”

For each category, Autogrill nominated people or teams who hold different roles, such as front-of-house, kitchen or store administration, and received these prestigious awards:


  • *Star Team Americas: Front of House
    Starbucks Airside E Team, TPA Airport, USA, HMS Host Nord America – Autogrill/HMSHost
  • *Star Team Europe: Stores / Admin / Logistics
    Maria Markach & Vladimir Rybakov, Shift Leaders, Pulkovo Airport, Russia, HMSHost International - Autogrill/HMSHost
  • *Star Team Middle East & Africa: Front of House
    Middle East Team, UAE & Qatar, HMSHost International - Autogrill/HMSHost


  • *Star Individual Americas: Front of House
    Freddie Maldonado, Server, Cigar City Brewing, TPA Airport, USA, HMSHost Nord America - Autogrill/HMSHost
  • *Star Individual Europe: Front of House
    Erdal Sarı, Food & Beverage Associate, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Turkey, HMSHost International - Autogrill/HMSHost
  • *Star Individual Europe: Stores / Admin / Logistics
    Sonja Hohle, HR Manager Shared Services, The Netherlands, HMSHost International - Autogrill/HMSHost


  • *Star Story Asia Pacific: Stores / Admin / Logistics
    Ho Thi Anh Guong, Accounting Officer, Phu Quoc Airport, Vietnam, HMSHost International - Autogrill/HMSHost
  • *Star Story Europa: Front of House
    Lisa Uranie, Shift Manager, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, The Netherlands, HMSHost International - Autogrill/HMSHost


  • *Humanity, Leadership & Inspiration Asia Pacific: Front of House
    Bangalore Team, Bangalore Airport, India, HMSHost International - all FOH, Kitchen, Stores/Admin/Logistics - Autogrill/HMSHost
  • *Humanity, Leadership & Inspiration Asia Pacific: Logistics / Warehouse
    David Mackay, Regional Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Vietnam, HMSHost International - Autogrill/HMSHost

For the first time in the history of these Awards in fact, the focus was not on foodservice concepts but on individuals and teams, a recognition of those heroes of day-to-day life who enabled our sector to change, evolve and offer answers to the questions raised by the pandemic.

Excellence, hard work and team spirit are the values required of FAB Superstars, in five categories: Star Team, Star Individual, Star Story (team or individual), Innovation (team or individual), Humanity, Leadership & Inspiration (team or individual).

Back after a year of suspension and keenly focussed on the future

Conducted on-line on 15 October, the 2021 FAB Awards were an extraordinary and highly significant event marking their resumption after being suspended in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How has the pandemic changed travel food&beverage?
What will be the future of F&B at a global level?
These are the two big interrogatives addressed by the speakers at the event

Change, the challenges posed by extraordinary circumstances and preoccupation over the future were the key issues raised by all the speakers in response to the significant choice of theme - LEAD. INSPIRE. TRANSFORM - on the part of organizers, trade journal The Moodie Davitt Report.

Autogrill and the FAB Awards: for people who look ahead

As industry leader and key figure in the FAB Awards, we fully shared in the spirit of the event and also participated as main sponsor. Because we’re on the side of people who travel and look ahead.

“We are pleased to support the return of FAB and look forward to sharing with the airport community our Company’s vision, to move beyond the pandemic and innovate the traveller experience, adapting it to the new reality”.

Ezio Balarini, Autogrill Global CMO