H&H Webranking 2007 Italia Top 80

Autogrill was given a “Best Commendable Website Initiative in 2007” ranking in the “H&H Webranking 2007 - Italy Top 80” for pArticip8, the WEB 2.0 community addressing the Group’s stakeholders on the subject of the art of travelling. The Webranking (now in its 6th year in Italy) is based on surveys by the Swedish Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, in collaboration with Il Corriere della Sera, of on-line financial communication by 82 Italian companies.

Hallvarsson & Halvarsson Italian Webranking Awards 2006

In a survey of the websites of 83 listed Italian companies by the Swedish Hallvarsson & Halvarsson in collaboration with “Il Corriere della Sera”, Autogrill gained awards in the “Best Improver” and “Corporate Governance” categories. It was also placed 2nd in the Corporate Social Responsibility category and 6th in the general ranking.