Green locations for a more sustainable future

"We're committed to reducing our emissions by privileging the use of energy from renewable sources and developing sustainable concepts that limit our impact on the environment."

Autogrill has always worked hard in the field of environmental sustainability and is one of the benchmark setters in its Industry. Respect for the environment on one hand and ongoing research into innovative and sustainable solutions on the other are the two main drivers of our sustainability strategy, Make It Happen.

Given that reducing emissions is the key to limiting global warming, Autogrill has drawn up a plan of action to cut the greenhouse gas emissions generated by its business. The plan includes the building of more sustainable locations.

This effort is producing some important results in terms of positive impact on the environment - remember that Autogrill's network now has around 3,300 points of sale worldwide - and the first major step forward was the definition of our Green Store Guidelines

Green Store Guidelines: a working guide to reducing environmental impact

The process of defining the Green Store Guidelines began in March 2022 with a survey of all the points of sale in conjunction with the launch of the new sustainability strategy, Make It Happen. Analysis of the results showed that there is plenty of room for improving our environmental performance, despite the fact a high number of points of sale in various countries have already implemented solutions to contain environmental impact.

Inspired by the most advanced international green building standards, the Green Store Guidelines provide practical recommendations for green construction and renovation of points of sale to minimize impact on the planet. Points of sale designed and built following the Green Store Guidelines offer a series of advantages, including substantial reduction of waste in the demolition and rebuilding phases and efficient use of energy (from renewable sources), water and materials. In addition to reducing environmental impact, points of sale designed in line with our Green Store Guidelines guarantee enhanced comfort for employees and customers thanks to a series of improvements to thermal insulation, cooling and heating systems, ventilation and lighting.

Further, following the Guidelines makes it easier to obtain energy and environmental certifications like LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which are only granted after verification of conformity to specific requisites

A virtuous example: the Alemagna store at Milano Linate

Autogrill opened its first point of sale built to Green Store Guidelines at the end of 2022. It’s the renowned Alemagna Caffè Pasticceria brand’s new store Milano Linate Airport. Reconciling tradition and modernity in the name of sustainability, this flagship store was specially designed to optimize energy performance, water efficiency and proper waste management. In practical terms, such optimization and efficiency is being delivered by a low-consumption lighting system (totally LED), equipment such as dishwashers and ovens with Energy Star certification and waterflow restrictors on taps and toilet cisterns. All these factors have enabled Alemagna to obtain LEED SILVER interior design & construction certification, a further instance of Autogrill’s commitment to safeguarding the health of both travellers and the environment.

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A process in continual evolution

Application of the Green Store Guidelines will be gradually extended in line with the programme of new openings in the coming years in the various countries and channels in which Autogrill operates. This will help us in the pursuit of one of the main goals of our sustainability strategy, reduction of emissions in points of sale, which is important not only for the Group but also for the environment and the communities in which it operates.