Alemagna: good vibes and sweet temptations at Linate

The flavours of tradition flood the Milanese airport

Christmas is tradition, tables elegantly laid with cakes and pastries, far-flung families reunited for the occasion, warmth and feelings of serenity regained.
An ensemble of positive vibrations that the longstanding ALEMAGNA Caffè Pasticceria, a brand founded in 1921, brought together for the opening at Milan Linate Airport in December, 2022. Its doors opened to all travellers, some seeking something soothing and sweet (and by Italy’s top pastry chefs), to relish on the spot or take away as a gift, others keen to try something more savoury - excellent sandwiches with delicate fillings - before setting off again, or others who simply need a moment’s break in their journey to enjoy the aroma of a great espresso.

The excellence of tradition projected into modernity

The Milan craft pâtisserie comes to Linate with a new look thanks to a relaunching of the brand. It has carefully recreated a timeless image that brings with it a fragrance from afar, that of the age-old Italian art of confectionery, blending with the more contemporary notes typical of innovation, to which Autogrill Group has always been committed.

The allure of a timeless image

Key to this restyling was the collaboration with consulting firm FutureBrand, a specialist in strategic repositioning. An in-depth study of the brand, its key figures, its history, its products, its style of communication, led to the idea of developing a new decorative motif for the monogram, one creating a timeless feel. A tribute to the past, an evocation of the sophistication and refinement of antique pastry shops but in a context that’s also contemporary and innovative and designed using guidelines based on the LEED protocol (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

A location fit for the challenges of the green economy

"The opening of the Alemagna point of sale in Milan’s city airport consolidates Autogrill’s commitment to promoting the excellences of the Italian tradition and continually raising the bar in terms of environmental sustainability”.

- Luca D’Alba, General Manager Autogrill Italy -

The design work and construction, as well as all the materials chosen and effort expended, have produced a location that faithfully reflects the Group’s sustainable development objectives. The project followed the Green Store Guidelines, which are based on the LEED protocol developed by the U.S. Green Building Council as an instrument for certifying buildings’ level of environmental sustainability. The new Alemagna flagship store perfectly embodies LEED principles in terms of optimizing energy performance, water efficiency and waste management. Evert aspect of the location demonstrates the Group’s purpose: to safeguard travellers’ health and protect the environment.

Autogrill at Linate: not only Alemagna

The landside departures area of Milan Linate is now able to present the Alemagna brand’s new offering too, and this in addition to the Group’s other operations in the airport, locations and brands satisfying the most diverse needs of travellers.


Mezzanine, airside departures

A unique location bringing together different experiences: a typical Milanese café, the zing of a snack bar, the excellence of Sal de Riso cakes & pastries and the atmosphere of Milanese cocktails in a modern and informal setting.



Mezzanine, airside departures

Latin America and Japan interact to produce a highly decorative cuisine – exuberant sushis, temakis stuffed with ingredients - and the music and drinks are straight from the beaches of Brazil, with samba and caipirinha.



Mezzanine, airside departures

Renato Bosco’s concept is a contemporary gourmet revisiting of the pizza featuring a variety of doughs with different shapes, consistencies, types of leavening and cooking.



Landside arrivals

Half Italian bar, half traditional Anglo-American coffeeshop: a break at Puro Gusto is undoubtedly high quality, with an elegant and stimulating ambience to enjoy it in.

Puro gusto


Landside arrivals

Designed for people with little time who want a quality break anyway, this by-the-slice pizzeria was designed by Autogrill with Renato Bosco and will keep you going crunch!

Saporè pizza bakery


Mezzanine, landside departures

An Italian restaurant with a free-flow formula, a new evolution of the self-service restaurant that puts consumers centre-stage by inviting them to compose their own ideal menu.

Territori d'Italia