Autogrill: a food offer for every nutritional need

Experience counts

“Our objective is to give travellers all over the world the best possible experience by listening to their needs and constantly improving the offering and services in our points of sale”.

A commitment going back years

For years now, Autogrill has been listening to its customers and rapidly translating their needs into an innovative and diversified offering based on new concepts, menus and recipes developed to satisfy various nutritional requirements.

Throughout its experience in fact, Autogrill has been able to renew and evolve its products by anticipating people’s needs. It started widening its offering of plant-based, healthy foods with simple and genuine ingredients years ago.

Needs and concepts

For every nutritional need, Autogrill has always produced numerous concepts in different countries. In Germany, for example, Autogrill Group created LeCrobag Veggie, a concept offering people seeking healthier, natural and sustainable food a vegetarian version of high quality traditional French bakery products, with a special focus on the sustainability of ingredients and packaging. In these stores, customers have a vast range of sweet, savoury and healthy foods and hot and cold drinks. The sustainability strategy is also seen in beverages: LeCrobag Veggie uses exclusively fair trade coffee.

LeCrobag stores also offer the Click & Collect service making it possible to rapidly order and pay online and pick up the purchases in store.

And to make its commitment to sustainability even more visible, LeCrobag Veggie is surrounded by green and wooden walls. Its entire electricity requirement is covered by green energy sources.


Another food experience the Group offers is VIT, which meets the needs of people who want healthy food when flying. This concept has been introduced at Amsterdam Schiphol, Manchester and Brussels airports. VIT stores offer a vast range of products, from smoothies to salad bowls that are 100% natural, with no added preservatives or sugars and made every day with quality raw materials. The concept is also expressed in the stores’ design: fresh, vivacious and with natural colours and materials.

Cafè Flor, on the other hand, is an Autogrill concept developed in collaboration with Avocado Show. It was launched at Schiphol and recently opened at Manchester too. It offers travellers fresh, healthy food they can enjoy in a relaxing ambience surrounded by green plants. The store concept here is inspired by nature and a sustainable lifestyle, which Autogrill Group has always promoted.


For those travelling by train, Autogrill created Wascoffee, at Milan’s Stazione Centrale. This is the first foodservice concept whose design and décor are made exclusively of a 100% natural and recyclable material, recycled coffee grounds. In this comfortable, minimal ambience, Wascoffee offers products that meet the needs of various traveller profiles, with alternative healthy and plant–based products from breakfast through to afternoon snacks.


To every food, an alternative

Over the years, Autogrill has worked with various external organizations to guarantee supplies of products suitable for everyone, from no-gluten to organic, vegetarian and vegan products. In certain countries it has also introduced marks that identify halal products.

Wowburger is a vegetable alternative to the classic hamburger and it’s made in Italy, France and Switzerland by Autogrill in collaboration with Nestlé. Despite the fact it’s made with ingredients other than the usual ones, it’s as flavoursome and wholesome as a traditional burger, as its name suggests.

In North America, in 2017, Autogrill started enriching its plant-based meat offering by embarking on a collaboration with Impossible Foods to add plant-based burgers, nuggets and other products to the assortment. While in the Netherlands, the Group offers alternatives to meat-based food thanks to collaboration with specialist suppliers and brands including “Beyond Meat” and “The Vegan Vosboer".

In addition to food without animal protein or gluten, the Group offers healthy food like fresh fruit and raw vegetables and is continually developing new, healthy and balanced menus for its proprietary concepts.


Looking to the future

The Group’s commitment for 2022 is to continue expanding its offering of plant-based products because they are healthier and more sustainable. At the same time, it intends to increase the proportion of healthy, vegan and vegetarian products in its assortments by developing new recipes to cover all times of day.