The Group and its succesful cooperation with Shanghai and Beijing Airports

Another success which opens up the way to create 14 new F&B locations

Autogrill, through HMSHost International, wins new contracts with both Shanghai Pudong Airport and Beijing Daxing International Airport. Only four years ago , the Group entered in the Chinese market creating a business in the Beijing Capital International Airport which holds the highest passenger throughput. Now, marks another success adding in a very short time frame two international airport in its landscape. 


"In my opinion China has a great growth potential for our business. Thanks to the local team we can build a strong successful cooperation with Shanghai Airport and Beijing Airport for many years to come".

- Walter Seib, CEO of HMSHost International -


Shanghai Pudong: the faster growing international airport in Asia

Shanghai Pudong International Airport, located 30 km (19 miles) east of Shanghai city centre, is the main international airport serving the city of Shanghai, the second-busiest airport in China, fifth-busiest in Asia, and the ninth-busiest in the world. Versus Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, which mainly serves domestic and regional flights, Pudong has a very strong annual growth of international passenger traffic coming from all over the world.

A very strong business opportunity that the group has not missed, expanding with 8 locations, signing contracts for 5 years and bringing together a mix of local, regional and global Food & Beverage brands. The Chinese western concepts offering includes Element Fresh, 2 Tasty Congee restaurants, The Dining Room, Tarhar Silk Road, Bon, Menya Musashi and Unagi Joy House.


Beijing Daxing: more than just an airport, rather a truly integrated transportation hub

Located south of the capital, in the Daxing district, Beijing New Airport is the third airport in Beijing and a new transport hub for the greater Beijing region.
Launched on September 30, 2019 ahead of the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic, Daxing is the first airport designed by the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, known for her radical deconstructivist designs, the first woman in 2004 to be awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize, made a Dame by Elizabeth II for services to architecture, the first and only woman to be awarded the Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2015. Her company worked with French planners ADPI and the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, while Hong Kong studio Lead 8 has designed the integrated service building.

  • The new mega-airport hub is expected to handle up to 45 € million passengers per year by 2021 with plans for 72 € million by 2025 and 100 million by 2040.
  • A vast terminal building covering a 700.000m² area.


Visually spectacular, "evolved from principles within tradition Chinese architecture that organise interconnected spaces around a central courtyard".


The central atrium, with curves like a rolling landscape, is supported by eight giant C- shaped columns wide skylight at the top – filling the terminal with natural light – while accompanying the departure lounges are five traditional Chinese courtyards. The starfish design is extremely space efficient, with a journey of just 600 metres from security to the furthest gate – plus checking in is mostly automated. Thanks to this shape of five concourses connected to a main hall, Daxing aims to reduce walking for passengers.

Autogrill through HMSHost International, global market leader in the food and hospitality industry for people on the move, won the majority of concepts within the tender at Beijing Daxing International Airport, compared to other competitors, supplementing the ten already existing HMSHost locations at the Beijing Capital International Airport: Element Fresh, Godiva Café, The Dining Room while Shu Xing Pang, Crystal Jade and Urban Food Market will be opening soon.

The winning brands


Element Fresh

- Freshness, quality & safely are the foundations of everything we do -

Passionate about fresh food, great taste, and quality ingredients (most ingredients are sourced from local markets), Element Fresh is the perfect place to go for gourmet salads, fresh fruit juices and smoothies. Grill menu, brunch and afternoon tea complete the offering.

1. Shanghai Pudong International Airport S1 domestic.
2. Beijing Daxing International Airport domestic airside.

Shu Xing Pang - NEXT OPENING

- Where the tastiest cakes can be found -

This brand is a Western-style dessert shop serving the main cost-effective cake, the pursuit of the health of raw materials, and absolutely do not add any chemicals.
The brand name can be translated as “ Heart next to the Tree”; it means the team beyond is particular sensitive to select only healthy and natural ingredients with a craftmanship spirit always attentive to customer needs.

Location: Beijing Daxing International Airport.



Crystal Jade - NEXT OPENING

- Through food, we strive to harmoniously connect - 

A Singapore-based Michelin-starred culinary brand that is committed to preserving the rich traditions of Chines cuisine that nourish the soul with heart-warming flavours as wok-fried specialities, congee noodles, roasted meat and dim sum.

Location: Beijing Daxing International Airport.


Urban Food market - NEXT OPENING

 - Quick and dedicated service, excellent product quality and range –

A trendy kiosk concept offering a vast selection of drinks, fresh juices and savoury snacks 
in a modern environment. Urban Food Market is developed from the belief that fresh, healthy and convenient food should be available at all times and any place within the airport.

Location: Beijing Daxing International Airport.



Godiva Café

- Coffee with month-watering Belgium chocolates -

The global leader in premium, artisanal chocolate is committed to innovative and delicious food and beverage products. Godiva is dedicated to bringing the ultimate chocolate experience to the world.

Location: Beijing Daxing International Airport International airside.



Tasty Congee & Noodle

- Famous for its authentic wonton noodle originated from Guangzhou -

Diversified menu, delicious tastes and comfortable dining experience marked its success. All the management is committed to the traditional culinary method and high quality of production.

1. Shanghai Pudong International Airport S1 international.
2.  Shanghai Pudong International Airport S1 domestic.



The Dining Room

- The modern Shanghai – 

A memorable dining experience. The semi-open kitchen allows diners to get a closer look at the chef’s creations, mainly delicate dishes intricately crafted.

1.Shanghai Pudong International Airport S1 International.
2.Beijing Daxing International Airport domestic landside.

Tarhar Silk Road

- Traditional cuisine and modern management –

This restaurant chain established in 2005 serves nearly 1 million customers every year.
You can find traditional snacks in Chan An, fruits in Hami, the world famous Turkish barbecue, but also the cuisine of Europe in total respect of the local food tradition and the territory.

Location: Shanghai Pudong International Airport S1 international.




- An healthy and affordable choice –

With the spirit of delivering Korean food to all of the world, Bon with its congee, bibimbap or set meal series meet the dietary requirements of a new generation of urban, pursuing health and quality of life.

Location: Shanghai Pudong International Airport S1 international.

Unagi Joy House

- Perfect for lovers of Japanese culture of cuisine -

The food features from three ways of Squid. Since the first opening in 2017, this brand has generated nice brand awareness with a good reputation in a short period of time.

Location: Shanghai Pudong International Airport S1 international.



Menya Musashi

- The essence and spirit of Japanese food culture –

Menya Musashi can be considered a pioneer in Ramen Restaurants. Named after the famous Japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi, since the ramen boom in the 80s and 90s, it is renowed for putting the highest care into creating creative dishes together with pleasant restaurant atmosphere. Its authentic ramen combines superior fresh ingredients, traditional Japanese cooking methods, ramen making process, and hand made soup base.

Location:  Shanghai Pudong International Airport S1 international.