Diversity, equal opportunities & inclusion

“We strive to foster a working environment that prizes diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of the organization.”

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy


In 2021, the Group developed its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy. The policy aims to permeate the organization with a culture of inclusion, diversity appreciation, and mutual respect, to encourage a way of doing business that views diversity as a major plus.


Code of Ethics

Anticipiamo il futuro grazie al nostro passato

The Code of Ethics guides and disciplines the management of human resources.
In an ongoing effort to encourage inclusion and a sense of individual and collective responsibility, the Group has equipped its employees with various platforms to report to the Ethics Committee any conduct inconsistent with the Code of Ethics, and also to reward virtuous behavior, while ensuring the confidentiality of information and the privacy of individuals in accordance with the Group’s whistleblowing policy.


Thanks to our business model geared to nationwide operations, we have over the years created a relational network with the countries where we operate, also by forming direct relations with local institutions.
The Group focuses its efforts on the responsibility of helping communities transform, by providing resources and know-how for the development of concrete projects, such as the donation of food and meals to non-profits.

In 2021, we donated approximately €1.8 million (10% direct, 10% indirect and 80% in kind).

In 2022 the Group’s donations totaled some €2.3 million (21% direct, 16% indirect and 63% in kind).
Most of them consisted of food donated through partnerships with local and national food banks, mostly in North America. The amount of donations in kind in Europe benefited from work with Banco Alimentare, where excess provisions are donated.

€2.3 million: total donations


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