In 2006 Autogrill consolidated its presence in Canada and through its US subsidiary HMSHost Corporation, acquired Airport Terminal Restaurant (ATR), a division of Cara Operations Limited, Canada’s leading provider of integrated f&b services.


Historical F&B operator in the Country, and active since 1883, in 2006 Cara:
  • It is one of Canada’s oldest f&b providers (set up in 1883) 
  • The biggest operator of full-service restaurants in the country 
  • In 2005, sales of around CAN$ 1,800m 
  • 40,000 employees, all Canadian.

Con l’operazione il Gruppo fa il suo ingresso in quattro ulteriori aeroporti canadesi – Ottawa, Winnipeg, Kamloops, Saskatoon – generando importanti sinergie in quelli in cui era già presente – Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto e Vancouver.

In 2005 ATR posted sales of CAN$74m (€49.1m*) and an Ebitda of CAN$9m (€6m*) and has over 1,000 employees working in over 90 points of sale (f&b and retail) with a rich brand portfolio.

The main licensed brands include Sbarro’s, ToAst!, Second Cup and Tim Horton’s (Starbuck’s Coffee in Canada), while the best known proprietary brands include Kelsey’s, Milestone’s, Swiss Chalet and Harvey’s.

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ATR Info
  • A division of Cara Operations Limited 
  • In 2005, sales of CAN$74m and an Ebitda of CAN$9m 
  • 9 locations in Canadian airports (Ottawa, Winnipeg, Kamloops, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver) 
  • Over 90 points of sale 
  • 1,000 employees


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