In March 2008, Autogrill acquired from Altadis S.A. the remaining 49.95% of Aldeasa S.A., thus raising its 49.95% stake in the capital of the company it acquired on a 50-50 basis in 2005 to 99.90%.

Another step towards internationalization

Under the terms of the agreement, Autogrill will pay Altadis a price of €275 million in cash on 14th April, the closing date. 

Improving retail and duty free and expanding geographical coverage

Autogrill purchased the Spanish company in 2005 in a joint-venture with Altadis, another step forward on its path to internationalization.

Aldeasa info

In 2008 Aldeasa is:

  • one of the world’s leading operators in the airport travel retail & duty-free market and the no. 1 in Spain.
  • It operates in 16 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America and North Africa.
  • It has 3,000 employees and 273 points of sale.

Autogrill, the world leading airport retail player

The company is one of the world’s leading operators, and the biggest in Spain, in the airport travel retail & duty free market and operates in 16 countries across South America, Middle East, North Africa and Europe. With 3,000 employees, its runs 273 points of sale in 44 airports and 50 museums and other culture locations. Its shops sell a range of products from fragrances to cigars and from souvenirs to major luxury brands. Autogrill started up a new development phase by further diversifying its sphere of activity, boosting its retail & duty free business and expanding its geographical coverage.

Together with the acquisition of WDF at the same time, and that of Alpha Group, completed in 2007, this operation makes Autogrill the world’s biggest airport retail operator, ensuring it the biggest platform in Europe and giving it room for further growth in expanding markets.

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