Forecasts for the year 2003: The ratio of EBITDA to net sales above 13%, EPS Restated 0.60€

Wednesday, August 6, 2003 - 00:00

Milano, 06 August 2003 - Autogrill's forecasts are positive on the end-of-year results. This is confirmed by the Group's management during the conference call with the analysts, pointing out in particular the increase of EBITDA ratio to net sales, which should exceed the expected 13%. The EPS Restated (earnings per share) also increased and should be equal to 0.60 euro.
The projections were based on the rise in productivity achieved in the first half and on the positive trend seen in the month of July, with sales increasing by 4% at unchanged exchange rates at a Group level and above 6% in North America. Positive performances also in the motorways channel in Italy, France and Spain.