Burger King International Celebrates Five Years Of Significant Milestone Achievement As It Opens Its 3000th International Restaurant

Friday, April 11, 2003 - 00:00

Hamburg , 11 April 2003 - Burger King International celebrated the opening of its 3000th BURGER KING® restaurant today and announced significant year-end results for 2002 with revenues of USD 2.6 billion.
The Company’s year-end figures top an impressive five-year growth history at Burger King International: Five years of consecutive sales growth, restaurant portfolio growth of 62 %, market leadership in 12 countries in the Quick-Service-Restaurant industry, seven new country entries. “The 3,000th BURGER KING® restaurant opening in our international markets is symbolic in that it underscores our achievement of strategic milestones resulting in very strong performance,” said Chief Executive Officer Brad Blum.
“Our operational excellence and customer focused service reflects the strength of the BURGER KING® brand and the desire for flame-grilled burgers and HAVE IT YOUR WAY® choices by customers around the world.” We will continue to focus on quality, innovation, operational excellence and differentiation of our flame-grilled products as we look toward new levels of customer satisfaction, revenue growth and overall excellence in 2003.”