Autogrill Più gives the motorway stop-off an extra gear, with a new concept offering more taste, more choice and more comfort

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - 11:50

Milan - World-leading travel foodservice provider Autogrill is presenting Autogrill Più, its new motorway concept with an even richer and more diversified offering of food to satisfy its customers’ needs.

Autogrill Più has a modular structure based on city food courts – a big international trend – featuring various food concepts offering customers a unique culinary experience geared in particular to the healthy eating trend and the popularity of street food.

Also innovative is the new service model, based on a differentiation of indoor space reflecting the time users have for their stop off, some needing a quick break, others having time to relax in a more “comfortable ” time span.

  • The Comfort area has three concepts: ‘Ciao’, which in April introduced its Super Salads, ready to eat or prepare-it-yourself, with a special focus on “Super Foods” rich in nutrients for customers who want a nourishing but light meal. The new offering is based on traditional Italian cuisine, with 1st and 2nd courses including, for example, veal cutlets, roast veal and Caprese salad. ‘Burger In’ is Autogrill’s new hamburger concept, with 5 recipes designed to privilege the top quality of the meat (3 with Angus beef, one with chicken and one veggie). And lastly ‘La Piadineria’, the all-Italian brand already active in nearly 200 locations in Italy and France, now being introduced for the first time in the motorway channel. Here too, travellers will be able to enjoy different recipes (over 30!), with an array of ingredients to dress and fill the piadinas, as listed on the menu board, made with three types of dough (classic, wholemeal and kamut).
  • The Fast area, on the other hand, is designed for customers with less time to spare: they can choose between ‘Gusti di Strada’ (Street Flavours), a new Autogrill format featuring Italian street food made with traditional local products and flavours evoking different parts of Italy, such as Milanese veal cutlets, chicken wings, “mondeghili”, fried cod and “arancini”, all of which accompanied by sauces and vegetables, to eat on the spot or take away. Lovers of tradition will love ‘Camogli&Friends’ – the first food concept to be named after Autogrill’s most iconic sandwich – where they can choose between Autogrill ‘classics’ and the new sandwiches featuring new combinations and local specialities, not to mention the pizzas and focaccias made with 72-hour leavened sourdough and in-season dressings, revisited for Autogrill by “pizza researcher” Renato Bosco. ‘Mr Good’, on the other hand, is the fast area dedicated to healthy and green products, with iced tea, fruit juices, smoothies, fruit bowls and an Anglo-style bakery catering for the needs of younger travellers, with in-trend drinks like matcha, golden and chai teas, both hot and iced.

The Autogrill Più offering is enhanced by two new developments that reduce customers’ wait time: the buzzer and the pick-up point. Customers are given a buzzer so they can sit at their tables while their food is being prepared in the Comfort area and collect it when they hear the buzzer. The pick-up point, on the other hand, is designed to accelerate flows in the Fast area: customers order and pay first and then wait for their food to be prepared, to eat on the premises or take-away.

Autogrill Più is currently operating in the Crocetta Sud (Alessandria) and Somaglia Est (Lodi) service areas and will be gradually extended to other motorway points of sale.

Customers stopping off at the Somaglia Est service area can enjoy the entire Autogrill Più offering (both Comfort and Fast), whereas the Crocetta Sud point of sale has only a Fast area. Both these motorway service areas offer the iced coffee assortment launched at the beginning of this summer, featuring 18 new ‘summer edition’ types of coffee.