Puro Gusto lands at Linate… and taking a break is suddenly something else

The Group unveils a new store, with a uniquely modern DNA, at the Milan airport.

This new point of sale in the landside arrivals area (by exit 8, former Post Office space) immediately catches the eye with its Italian style but international feel, designed to give guests an all-round sensory experience.

Created in 2006 to offer select gastronomic specialities to enjoy in an elegant and engaging ambience, the concept was modelled on the typical bar all’italiana. This has now undergone an evolution involving the redesign of service, offering and mood in a more modern key to attract a wider range of customers.

A “modern emporium” offering

Wandering through a Puro Gusto point of sale means rediscovering an offering that satisfies needs and whims at all times of day. Starting with a typical Italian breakfast of croissants and coffee (with options to everyone’s taste), it moves on to lunch based on “Pangusto” bakery products, sandwiches and salads, and then gears up for evening aperitifs by pairing the “Pangusto” of choice with the right sparkling wine.

Sustainable flavoured design

The traveller’s experience unfolds in a coffee tasting area dominated by a large convivial table and a “storytelling” wall that on one hand illustrates the various phases in coffee transformation and on the other pays tribute to the city of Milan with a map showing its main points of interest. And to make guests feel even more at home there’s also a spacious room with generously packed bookshelves, an ideal spot for book sharing.

Inspired by a wider vision encompassing “life cycle assessment”, i.e. how to give waste materials a second life, our Linate Puro Gusto was designed in line with WasCoffee, a circular economy project developed by Autogrill to apply ecodesign philosophy to point of sale furnishings (made with materials deriving from coffee grounds).



Puro Gusto lands at Linate… and taking a break is suddenly something else