The New Autogrill® Digital Journey

Food on demand is taking the world by storm by opening up restaurants and eating establishments to diners beyond the physical limitations of the buildings they occupy. As the world’s leading provider of food and beverage services for travellers, Autogrill® is always seeking new ways to make those precious moments to catch a bite to eat before boarding a plane or getting back on the road even more seamless and stress free.

That’s why Autogrill® has teamed up with telecommunications and digital services company Telecom Italia to offer free Wi-Fi in 100 motorway service stations across Italy, with plans to extend this to all 350 sites by the end of the year. The service is not only making possible all of Autogrill®’s other digital services but also encouraging consumers to see that stopping for a break on the motorway is part of the journey itself rather than an inconvenience.

Of course it’s not enough to just offer Wi-Fi. Consumers expect more and Autogrill® is leading the way when it comes to offering diners digital services. The MyAutogrill® loyalty app, launched in Italy by the group, goes further than a coffee reward scheme by offering customers bespoke solutions, such as digital invoicing, that are set up to meet their needs. Those on the road receive invitations, offers and vouchers via push notifications ahead of pulling up to a service station; once inside they can order and subsequently collect points using the app.
Autogrill® has also partnered with PayPal as part of an ongoing drive to find innovative solutions that ensure greater convenience and efficiency.

Introduced by the end of this year, customers will be able to use their smartphones to make mobile proximity payments via the app integrated with PayPal and the main credit card companies.

Responding to the needs of the modern consumer makes sure Autogrill® stays ahead of the curve when it comes to streamlining what no traveller enjoys doing when time is of the essence – queuing. Airports, train stations and motorway service stations are transitional places where people rarely have the luxury of time. Understanding this is essential to Autogrill®’s operations and that’s why they have launched a pre-order system whereby customers can rest assure that with just minutes to spare, they can still pick up a quality meal by ordering and collecting at a Kiosk. Thanks to analytics and data that help predict busy periods, Autogrill® will be able to better understand their customers’ needs, and manage the merchant’s workload.

Whether through payment, ordering or offering customers a little extra, Autogrill® is committed to a comprehensive digital service to make sure it meets the demands of the 21st-century consumer.