Autogrill Group collects 3 prizes at the 2016 fab awards

Autogrill® is one of the winners of FAB AWARDS 2016, the international “Oscars” for the food & beverage sector in travel channels organized by the business intelligence magazine “The Moodie Report”. This year’s event took place in Geneva, where the Group won 3 prestigious awards at the award ceremony on Thursday 30th June, having gained top rankings in the following categories: Fast Food/QSR Quick Service Restaurant, Digital or Social Media Initiative and Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative.
“Innovation and ongoing research into formats in line with the evolution of food trends are at the centre of the Group’s strategy,” said Autogrill® Group Chief Marketing Officer Ezio Balarini. “We’re very satisfied to see that this year’s FAB AWARDS 2016 too has recognized the passion and enthusiasm with which we foster, through our offering, a food culture in touch with new modes of travelling.”


Fast Food/QSR Quick Service Restaurant of the Year 2016

The Fast Food / QSR of the year award was won by LEON at Heathrow Airport. The core Leon experience – and menu – is fully international. We believe that traditional fast food at pass-through destinations is no longer viable: these days, travelers are searching for healthy nutritional fare when they’re on the go. An airport environment such as Heathrow Terminal 2, gives us the opportunity to realise and encourage a true cultural space where different people, worlds, and cuisines converge.
We have designed a menu that has revolutionised the future of airport food, offering healthy revitalising fare that provides weary passengers with an energy boost en route, one that best prepares them for a flight or helps them recover from jet lag. All of our dishes have been considered with different passenger need states in mind.

Digital or Social Media Initiative of the Year 2016

The Digital or Social Media Initiative of the Year award was won by Autogrill® for the launch of Le Chef Restaurant in Geneva Airport. Social Media Strategy was focusing on 3 marketing and communication objectives: CUSTOMER LOYALTY: Keeping the existing customers; CUSTOMER RECRUITEMENT: Gaining new travelling customers (local and abroad); POSITIVE AWARENESS: Make it the place to be for locals and employees from around – and 3 CONTENT PILLARS: The Place: A new and unique location, generating awareness and curiosity - as the restaurant was closing month and 1⁄2 of work for redesign, social media content was geared at communicating positively on this closing sharing the work in progress and teasing for the new restaurant opening; second pillar was The Food: An innovative new offer, generating desire of discovery, with some post unveiling menu selections, portraits of local producers and suppliers. And, the third pillar was the Chef, Benjamin Luzuy: a well-known face, that generates trust and commitment. Strategy used pictures and video teasers of the Chef in unusual situations preparing its arrival at Le Chef – Geneva Airport. Benjamin Luzuy, presenting his own TV show on Swiss national TV, embodies a new generation of chefs who are passionate about their profession and by life in general, and who are resolutely orientated towards pleasure, sharing, social interchange. His latest Geneva ventures gather together a clientele united by a taste for the good and the beautiful.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year 2016

The Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of the Year award was won by Autogrill® for The Tenth Year of Sustainability Report. With the aim of promoting the dialogue between companies, institutions and non-profit making organizations about CSR, Autogrill® Group, in this occasion of the tenth anniversary of the publication of its first ever Sustainability Report, came together to discuss with a range of renowned experts in this field in order to outline the benefits of joining efforts by building strategic partnerships involving all concerned entities and subjects. A 2 days long conference devoted on Sustainability as a strategic driver for the Creation of Value for companies and stakeholders, starting from the main topic being discussed at European institutional level. In attendance were representatives of organizations, local and national institutions, international research
institutes and strategic partners of the company. Focused on the perspectives and the challenges that will be faced by enterprises in the near future, by sharing relevant studies and case histories on the topic. Some numbers of this successful event: a plenary conference involving Autogrill® CEO, institutional guests and top managers from company business partners. Three workshop sessions respectively dedicated to the three strategic areas – People, Product and Planet. 4 start-ups active in sustainable and second life projects. More than 200 people joined the event. 40 speakers among national and international institutions, representatives of
f&b industry, business partners, non-profit making organizations and the academic world. 13 articles on
national and local press and 2 TV reports. #FoodForGrowth Twitter trend topic of the day: 3.000.000 views, 2.000 interactions, 1.200 mentions, 200.000 views of sponsored FB post.