Responsible sourcing

“We commit to ensuring a sustainable, ethical supply chain and adopting responsible practices in raw materials selection.”

We therefore strive to create supplier relationships based on transparency, integrity, impartiality, and contractual fairness, favoring domestic and local suppliers wherever possible.

For us, responsibly managing the supply chain means ensuring not only business continuity and high standards of food quality and safety, but also respect for human rights and the environment.

This is why we have adopted the Group Supply Chain Sustainability Guidelines, developed with input from the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation, which define general standards for the evaluation of suppliers and the basic principles reflecting the Group’s sustainable supply chain management approach.

Group Supply Chain Sustainability Guidelines


Animal welfare

We acknowledge our responsibility to promote sustainable, responsible purchasing that protects animal welfare in accordance with laws, regulations, and international best practices, with a particular focus on the different markets and contexts in which we’re committed to guaranteeing animal welfare in our business.

Latest update: Monday, May 9, 2022 - 13:26