Waste management & packaging

“We are committed to reducing the use of virgin plastic for packaging and to making our business more circular through the reuse of waste and materials”

Waste is produced in both our product preparation and service. Each of the Group’s Business Units has developed a program to monitor the volume of waste produced in each country on the basis of current local legislation.

We are committed not only to managing waste but also to reducing its quantity. We therefore work hard to find new ways to support the development of a more responsible and sustainable consumption model, in collaboration with brand partners, suppliers and concession grantors to identify effective and scalable solutions.


Packaging, Plastica

Over the years, we have shown great sensitivity to the issue of plastic and sustainable packaging. We have proposed innovative solutions, tested materials, and formed strategic partnerships to streamline the use of plastic and opt for sustainable, increasingly green alternatives.

In 2021 too, we carried forward our commitment to sustainable and recyclable packaging by promoting research serving the development of a new assortment of products (including cutlery, plates, take-away packaging, glasses and straws) made entirely of sustainable, compostable and/or recyclable materials.

Latest update: Monday, May 9, 2022 - 13:22