A - People

We want to take care of our employees so that they can provide valuable services to customers and to the local community.

We are a company of people who create products and services for people: the centrality of the person, passion and communication are the hallmark of all our initiatives.


Paying care and attention to our employees is a distinctive element in our approach to people. 
We are therefore constantly engaged in developing initiatives and services for them, to reconcile business efficiency with the needs and specific characteristics of each of them.

Ascoltare per migliorareDialogue with employees

“Open line” is a platform developed to maintain constant contacts and an open dialogue, opening an additional two-way communication channel between the company and its human resources: it can be used to report any behaviour that breaches the Ethical Code and any particularly beneficial behaviours that may have been noticed on the workplace, and any information and people’s data are treated as confidential.

In North America, the employees have a free telephone line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to report or discuss anything that may be a source of concern.

HR DevelopmentTraining


At Autogrill, we believe that making our human resources the drivers of their own professional growth is a success factor, and that’s why we support development plans that put people at the centre through direct, proactive and resourceful involvement.

Our training programmes include the more classic theoretical sessions, with workshops, meetings and lectures, and the increasing popular training courses on online, social and interactive platforms.


Academy is a European training programme specially developed to increase the staff’s skills by providing specific training plans based on their professional standards.

Leadership development programmes are also very widespread, though specific “on the job” training courses are available as well to support the stores’ staff in their daily work. Academy Excellence Italy was launched in 2018 as an in-house growth programme that supports the development of the stores’ business.

North America

In North America, “Unlocking Engagement” is a workshop combined with specific leadership development programmes that completes a full range of training opportunities for managers who want to learn how to create a favourable workplace


The most widespread training plans include induction, coaching, performance assessment and job-specific technical courses, though special emphasis is placed on newer issues, such as GDPR and Whistleblowing, i.e. systems to report illegal or unwanted behaviours.

Performance assessment

To promote people’s development, especially in the Europe and International areas, we provide a performance assessment programme called “Be competent” that measures the skills deployed to achieve a set goal, so as to find criticalities and new goals, and develop specific policies for personal growth.


In addition to a two-yearly HR mapping process, “Autogrill To Be – Boost your Energy” was launched in 2018 as a new way to look at performance management, replacing personal assessments with quarterly one-to-one meetings between the management and the staff.

North America

Overall, performance assessment procedures have got to cover 87% of the HQ population and 57% of the stores’ staff by involving them as soon as they are hired.


Consistently with the Group’s rationale, the International area is also constantly working to create a workplace that can develop personal talent, by holding special days on which the staff receive prizes and rewards for their efforts and for ‘performance of the year’.

Diversity managementDiversity and equal opportunity

As laid down in our Ethical Code, respect for diversity and equal opportunities, along with the prevention of any form of discrimination, are principles we are committed to enforcing at any stage of employment.


In Europe, several initiatives have been developed to promote a culture of respect and tolerance.

For instance, in Italy, for years we have been involved in “Valore D”, the first Italian association of large companies created to support women’s leadership in business. “Valore D” promotes an innovative corporate organisation that provides women managers with tools and skills that support them in their professional growth and offers a new cultural model whereby women are fully involved in the economic and social life of the country.

North America

WLN (Women’s Leadership Network) is a project that supports women’s professional growth by offering networking opportunities and the development of leadership skills to improve personal and professional growth.


The International area is also working at the development of a Handbook that will be handed out to all the countries in which it works, to spread good practices and consistent behavioural standards inspired by the international best practices.

Protection of human rightsRespect for human rights

By enforcing the principles set forth in its Ethical Code in any circumstance and taking inspiration from the highest international standards, Autogrill is committed to spreading a culture of corporate responsibility in all its businesses and across the value chain, establishing mutual trust and satisfaction with its business partners and human resources, in compliance with the applicable local, national and supranational human rights regulations.

icona-salute-e-sicurezza.pngWorkplace health and safety

We take special care of workplace health and safety through prevention, technological developmenttraining and daily monitoring procedures, carried out in all of the Group’s key countries by the Health and Safety Committees with a view to finding the best solutions to minimise the risk of injuries.

The rates of injuries in the Europe, International and North America areas are positive and consistent, while Health and Safety Committees have been set up in all of the Group’s key countries, their members including managers and workers’ delegates to regularly monitor compliance with the applicable regulations (based on country-specific policies).


We firmly believe in respecting and promoting the local cultures while protecting their environmental and cultural heritage. Direct and indirect donations are invested in long-term partnerships with associations and foundations working in healthcare, medical research, child support and in the fight against hunger and poverty. In 2018, the Group donated over 4 million euros in direct donations (7%), indirect donations (12%) and goods and services (81%).


In Italy, an agreement has been signed with Slow Food to support “La Buona Strada”, a project for the areas of Central Italy that were devastated by the earthquake. Funds were collected through the sale of the “Abbraccio Marche” sandwich.

In Spain, this year, Autogrill kept working with Fundación SEUR, an organisation that collects bottle caps from people and companies and sends them to be recycled for money. The funds are used to enable disabled or seriously ill children to have access to healthcare; in addition, the programme reduces the environmental impact, by treating and handling bottle caps according to the right waste-disposal method.

North America

In North America, the HMSHost Foundation has the mission to fight poverty in local communities. Through multiple solutions developed in partnership with local agencies and organisations, the new Foundation:

  • Fights hunger and promotes a healthy diet through specific programmes;
  • Promotes economic stability through training plans and by supporting employment;
  • Promotes the development of the new generations through education and training;
  • Honours veterans and their families through programmes that try to accommodate their needs in terms of food, housing, healthcare, training and employment.

In North America, the Company has been working for years with Food Donation Connection, acting as a bridge between restaurants and food service providers that are willing to donate surplus food and the local social services that distribute food to people in need.

The programme is run in the airports and motorway restaurants in the USA and Canada.


One of the main initiative is Made Blue, a programme designed to make up for the freshwater used in the business with projects providing access to water in the developing countries.

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