Take A Look: a continuous dialogue with our business partners

To promote relations with the landlords, Autogrill decided to make its expertise and knowledge about the market available by developing an innovative communication tool

Take A Look”, a quarterly newsletter addressed to 500 landlords to keep them updated on current news in the travel and mobility sectors, highlighting current consumer trends and how Autogrill and HMSHost are responding. This tool was launched in 2014 in Europe and extended to North America and to the International operating sector in 2015. 

Every quarter, Take A Look includes 3 mega trends of the travel industry as well as 3 news from Autogrill and HMSHost, such as latest concepts, services and partnerships.  


Autogrill embraces Le Marche
Lost vegetables, new lease of life
WASCOFFEE®: giving coffee grounds a second life
Afuture-Airlite: innovation and creativity for cleaner air
Autogrill Group takes part in the “Great Fairtrade Challenge”, an event in support of producers in developing nations
National Food Drive Day: Autogrill’s initiatives against food waste
World Food Day: Autogrill Bistrots support the fair trade chocolate industry
Salone della CSR e dell’innovazione sociale 2017
Autogrill is partner of the Youth In Action for Sustainable Development Goals initiative
Autogrill is part of the Global Compact Network Italia
Autogrill Group Supply Chain Sustainability Guidelines
Salone della CSR e dell’innovazione sociale
Barista Bootcamp: engaging our people to innovate
Startsomewhere: many small actions to build a better future
Take A Look: a continuous dialogue with our business partners