Startsomewhere: many small actions to build a better future

Many small acts can make the future better.

This is the idea that sparkled HMSHost’s “Startsomewhere” program, based on three macro areas:

  • The Environment, 
  • Nutrition and Wellness, 
  • Community Partnerships. 

The program provides guidelines both for the construction and maintenance of HMSHost’s properties, and for the products used to serve its customers. 

Startsomewhere is committed to 

  • diverting waste from landfills, through reducing, recycle and repurposed materials,
  • conserving the use of electricity and water, through reducing consumption,
  • using materials that are better for the environment, both in construction of HMSHost’s properties, and in the products used to serve its customers

In 2015 HMSHost achieved great results through Startsomewhere. 
As as example: 

  • recycled materials:
    • 6.84 million pounds of cardboard, 
    • 5.71 million pounds of coffee, 
    • 2.74 million gallons of cooking oil,
  • 1.60 million pounds of food donated to community food banks.

Every year, within the Startsomewhere framework, the US subsidiary organizes communication campaigns on the occasion of Earth Day. In 2015, on said day, HMSHost launched The Adventure Starts Here program, dedicated to re-usable shopping bags. All stores were asked to turn off all unnecessary lights for one hour in addition to other initiatives organized at the local level in collaboration with the landlords.  


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